Thursday, April 15, 2010

thank you for praying....

The last couple weeks Lucy has complained of
a tummy ache, here and there.
Nothing ever became of it but I did make
a mental note that she had complained several times.

Then today, which began way earlier than planned,
Lucy woke up in great pain.

She had a low-grade fever and vomited.
I definitely knew something was up,
especially when she doubled over in pain every time she
stood up.

Somethin' wasn't right.

The doctor wanted to see her right away.
They ruled out a UTI off the bat.
Next they suspected her appendix or an unwelcome
comeback of an ovarian cyst
(that was her "special need" when we adopted her).

So blood was drawn.
Oh how I wish you all could have seen the drama
that unfolded with that.

It was a sight to behold.

Her white blood cell count was elevated.
Off to the nearest children's hospital we went,
doctor's orders.

A simple CT scan.
No problem, we told them.

The aforementioned drama was just the warm up.

We got checked in and they stuck us in a pleasant
but claustrophobic room,
gave Lucy a plethora of over-sensorizing toys
a big-gulp size "fruit punch" (aka, dye to read the scan easier)
and told us to have her drink it over the next
1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Say what??

She "chugged" away at it for a good
45 minutes until we were alarmed at how
little she had actually drank.
They can put a man on the moon but they can't figure out
an easier way to make a four year old
get a simple x-ray?

The nurses gave up on this idea
and decided to do an IV with dye in it instead.

All the while,
she is making an incredible recovery thanks to prayer, no doubt,
and apparently our extended stay in the 10x10 room
with her as the total center of attention.

After about 3 1/2 hours,
they came to get her for her scan.


She cooperated for all of about 3 minutes as they
overly talked to her to prepare her for this.

Good golly.

Then she fell apart, latched onto Dad and wouldn't let go.

One of the gals actually had the gall to ask me if
they should tell her that mom and dad would have to LEAVE
if she wouldn't lie down.

Yes, that sound you heard around 4 PM was, in fact,
me coming unglued.

No, sweet but completely ignorant lady,
I will NOT tell my adopted daughter that I will
LEAVE her side if she doesn't cooperate.

We finally said, ENOUGH.
Take the IV out, we are leaving.

The radiologist, bless his very kind and patient heart,
came to our rescue and didn't leave our side
until we finally got Lucy an ultrasound.

Her bladder was empty so they couldn't see her
ovaries and her appendix didn't make an
appearance either, leaving the doctor to conclude
that it wasn't inflamed.

Very long story short,
we are home now.
Lucy is playing outside as if nothing happened.

Of course.

The doctor is still concerned about her ovaries so
we will go back for a better ultrasound.

for your prayers.

I have NO DOUBT that they made all the difference.


Janet and Kevin said...

Will still continue to pray for Lucy. Hope her pain is resolving soon. Sorry for her (and your)long day! :)

Janet and gang

Rachel said...

Sleep well. You are loved & prayed for!

Serving the King said...

Good gracious what a day!!! Ahhh, the joys of motherhood...this SO isn't in the manual. Praying for your sweet girl!

Kim K. said...

What a long day. I hope you all can get some much deserved rest. Prayers continue.

Cari said...

so glad that you are all home safe and sound...and about that crazy lady telling you to say to Lucy that you both are going to leave!...well, I have nothing nice to say about her...and that's all i got to say about that! :}

Holly said...

For once I didn't check my blogs this morning, so I missed it all until now. So glad Lucy is seeming okay. I'll continue to pray for her!

Sally-Girl! said...

Glad all is better with Lucy. Please keep us posted on what they find out. Poor little thing!!!

Leah said...

Oh I am so glad Lucy is feeling better. We dealt with several ignorant uneducated hospital personel during Sydney's hospital stay. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. We'll be praying, friend.

Madeleine said...

Oh My Word.

I just saw this!

Bless her heart. What a traumatic experience for yous all!!

I will pray all goes well.

Poor peanut.

We were at the hospital also, but because a dear family friend is dying. He is the closest thing to a grandfather that I have. Chances are he won;t make it through the night.

And it is so hard.

If you think of it pray for him and his family. We are praying for a surrender to the Lord. They are Jewish.

But. We are hopeful.

Adeye said...

Oh my word, friend, what a day you had! No fun at all.

Praying that everything is just fine and that HEALING will be Lucy's.

Oh, I did have to chuckle about the man on the moon :)

LOVE the new blog look too. Stunning.

Jodi said...

i have stalked your blog for a while and wanted to say "hi" ! Poor Lucy! We went through this same thing with my daughter Jailyn, last spring. (Her SN was cleft lip and palate) so we had no idea what was going on - anyway, they found that she has stage 3 reflux of the urinary tract. My 13 year old biological daughter has it too.(only a stage 1 though) Stage 5 is the highest. Just something to look at if you don't see anything with the ovaries at your next appointment.
We will be adding Lucy to our prayer list!

Tracy said...

I was unaware of the fact that you were in need of prayer until this morning. So thankful that you all are home, however I will be praying that the new ultrasound will be good news also. : )

Tony and Rett said...

SO glad she is feeling better!

And I'm proud of you for standing up for your child! You're one good Mama!

Since I didn't read this until today, I'll be praying from now on!

nikimac said...

I'm so glad she if feeling better. Still praying.....Nicole

Lou and Lorna said...

And they call it health"care"..... so sorry you all had to go through that. I hope you get some answers soon.

Elissa said...

Oh, Lori! The top pic of breaks my heart-- sweet Lucy can somehow manage to be a posing diva while in pain in the hospital! Bless her sweet little heart! Praying for a miraculous resolution to whatever was wrong.

Lily had to have a kidney ultrasound after about 6 months at home-- she was about 2 and they had the gall to sent a STUDENT to do the test, which should have lasted 5 minutes and instead was 50. She screamed the entire time, even though I was basically holding her. If they would have suggested I leave, I would have-- WITH my daughter!!

connie said...

Lori, I'm sorry I've been in lala land and didn't even realize this was going on with Lucy! You already know I cover your family in prayer every day, but I sure would have emailed you. I'm sorry! Praying for Lucy!
Love you~

Londa said...

So sorry to hear about Lucy's ordeal, but glad to know she's feeling better and praying everything will come up normal on the upcoming tests. Katie starts screaming before we even get to the door of the Dr.'s office so I feel for you. It's never fun!

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