Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lucy update

All seemed to be fine and good with Lucy-bug
yesterday...then she started complaining
every now and then that her tummy hurt.
She would even wince a bit
and bend over.

Then, it would get better.

Yes, her BMs are normal and regular (believe me).

the doctor called to set up her ultrasound
AND more blood work.


Turns out,
her glucose level was high and they want to
rule out diabetes.


Plus they want to check her kidney and liver function.

Anyway, Monday morning we go in for her blood work.
No need to set your alarms to get up for the day,
Lucy will provide you with a complimentary wake-up call.
You're welcome.

Tuesday morning she is scheduled for an ultrasound.
They told us to have her drink 32 oz. of water


Sure, that will happen.

For goodness sake,
she's the size of a 32 oz drink!!!

We'll do what we can.

Oh and we are NOT going back to the children's hospital.
Just a regular hospital who agreed to
do a pediatric ultrasound.
I'm thinkin' since they're probably used to seeing
bladder-bulging cranky pregnant women all the time,
a cutie-pie Chinese girly might make them roll out the red carpet.

We'll see.

Please pray!!


Jean said...

Praying for your sweet girl and for the Dr's. (and you too, MOM!)

32 oz- oh my! wots of wuck! ;-)

LA said...

Hi Lori,
Sorry poor Lucy is having to go through more tests. Will keep her in prayer! Good luck with the water. That's hard enough for us, with her bladder the size of a peanut, I'm sure it won't be easy.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a lurker on here .... so sorry to hear little Lucy is suffering. Have the doctor's considered migraine? It often starts in the tummy with small children - my son had terrible stomach pain just like Lucy, but after a year or two it became ordinary migraine.

Hezra said...

oh, so sorry, that is a mess. Poor Lucy, and oh my GOSH poor you!!! I will be praying, and yeah that 32 oz seems like a lot for a 4 yr old! Good luck with hat. May I suggest silly straws and cartoons??? Hugs your way.

Renee said...

Thanks for the update. PRAYING!

Shonni said...

So sorry for you all, friend and praying for next week and the dr's to find out what's going on.

Holly said...

Praying, Lori!!!! Love you and your sweet Lucy...

Kim K. said...

Praying for sweet Lucy. I hope all goes well...including the prep work.

Holly said...

Oh my goodness...I am a few posts behind. I will pray for your princess. Please keep us posted.

Chad and Kristy said...


Amy said...

Lori - I am pretty sure that you can use flavored water. Use half the water to make popsicles. Eating a couple of popsicles and drinking 1/2 the water would be a lot less cumbersome. Just a thought.

Angie said...

Praying, friend, for a clear answer and that it's a clean bill of health!

Rachel said...

We're all praying and will be anxious to hear how WELL sweet Lucy does! :)

Kathy said...

Will continue praying for Lucy
and her sweet mommy!

Marie-Claude said...

I will pray for Lucy. Just came back ouselves with a two night stay at the hospital with our darling 5 yo Beatrice, kidney and uti...she's fine now but on meds for the next 13 days. Let's just say they needed a whole big team to put in an iv to start the meds. So I feel you guys and will be praying for you.



Chris said...

praying...poor Lucy...poor mom not fun to be either on of you.

Sean and Lisa said...

Praying healing for your sweet girl! Praying strength for you and supernatural ear plugs during bloodwork. LOL!
Much love!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness....where have I been? I will be praying for you all. Keep us posted.


Madeleine said...

Oh I have been/will be praying for that sweet girl.

Thank you for keeping us posted and giving us the privilige to pray.

Janet said...

Oh LOri! We had a busy week and I did not check your blog. I am so sorry Lucy (and you) had to go thru all of the drama at the hospital. I'm with you about the over-explaining stuff to the kids. SOmetimes it's better just to stop talking and stick them! Wes's last blood draw took about 10 min of talking/screaming, and about 2seconds of poking. We will be at the hospital Wed and Thurs, we'll pray for each other=).

Sally-Girl! said...

Poor peanut!! Lifting her and you up tonight in prayer and all day tomorrow!!

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