Sunday, November 29, 2009

chinese cheerleader

When we were putting the Christmas tree up,
Lucy discovered these tree "trunk" (pole) cover-up

She immediately turned them into pom poms.

The perky cheerleader in this
Asian firecracker has emerged.

Don't you worry...
real pom poms have since been purchased
and a cheerleader
outfit is in the works.
I'm sure I'll be able to whip it out quickly with all the free
time I have.


I am determined for this chica to be suited
up and ready for basketball season!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks

Since Macy is still so new to our family,
and to America,
we decided it would be best to just celebrate
Thanksgiving without extended family.
Macy still gets overwhelmed
around lots of people and because both sides
of our family are so loud expressively fun,
we opted for a quiet(er) holiday with just the 6 of us.

And because food continues to be a HUGE issue,
we thought it would be good to kick
off the holiday with a big Chinese dinner on
Wednesday night.
*Mike & Angela, THANK YOU for the gift card!!

As you can see,
the kids were eager to get their
pictures taken.
I'm not exactly sure what Brenden is doing. But I assure you,
the food was fabulous.

I asked Macy if she knew that Mama
was a supermodel.
She giggled.
Not sure why that was so funny.
But here I am showing her how to pose.

Brenden showed a little of his
supermodel moves too.
Or should I say, superhero?

Now you're getting the idea!
Good job.

And we all know that this
little diva knows how to work a camera.

Fast forward to Thursday....

I made all the traditional Thanksgiving fixins'.

And if you don't mind,
please pause to admire my cherry pie.
And do note that it is made from
FRESH cherries.
Cherries that I spent an HOUR pitting!
I said, "NEVER AGAIN" until my sweet husband
told me how incredible fabulous it was.
Well honey, maybe for you I will make another
one some day.
Oh and yes, doesn't the bread look deee-licious!?

Finishing up our meal.

Don't Wally and Beaver look so
prim and proper?

Then we began the much anticipated Christmas decorating.

Brenden wanted to put the tree up in mid-October
but I held him off until today.

Almost everyone was in on the action...

Macy took her job of making sure the branches
were just right, very seriously.

And here is Nick helping.

And Miss Pose-a-lot with the finished tree.

Two years ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in the waiting
mode for our NSN Chinese baby girl....
Never in a million years would I have guessed that
24 short months later, we would have
two Chinese daughters!

Wow, what a blessing.

I sure am THANKFUL!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

buns, buns, buns

Let me ask you....

What's a Mama to think when her
small Chinese daughter sees her get out of the shower
and says,

"Buns, buns, buns! You have BIG buns, right Mama?"


I'm not saying this happened in our house...I'm just askin'.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

no-shave november

Besides the huge lack of time,
one big reason for my not-so-frequent blogging is

All of my children have suddenly become camera-shy.
I've been trying to capture my boys on film
because, if you didn't know,

No-Shave November.

All their friends are participating.
Yep, and the results are something I'd love
to show you.

Shaggy, baby.

Last night the girls were working on some things
at the kitchen counter
and I broke out the camera and caught
Macy off-guard.
Lucy also acted surprised.
She is working on worksheets from a workbook
we got at Sam's. A BIG workbook
that she will zip through in no time.
Thankfully, she actually tries to follow the


*Oh and I'll do my darndest to get some pics
of the No-Shave November participants before Dec. 1...stay tuned.

Friday, November 20, 2009

what would a chinese mama do?

Macy had her first American physical the other day.
The poor dear was scared to pieces.
Her pulse was racing.

I kept assuring her that our doctor, Dr. Holly, was super
nice and she didn't need to be afraid one bit.

Then the nurse handed her the gown to put on.

My entire pep-talk flew out the window
at that very moment.

Good grief.

She looked at me as if I had asked her to dance the mamba
in the waiting room.

I convinced her that it was ok....(yeah, right).

Once she was in her primitive doctor-visit-garb,
she sat there shivering
on the paper-lined table thingy.

We've all been there, right?
Too often.

Well, just as I had told her,
Dr. Holly was amazingly nice and truly compassionate.

Then today we went back for the blood work...and urine sample.
Yes, another favorite American torture-treatment,
peeing in a cup.

Oh and then the nurse gave me
(I kid you not)
5...(or was it 6?) viles to fill at home.
Ya know what I mean.

God bless America and all our advances in medicine.

She was a trooper getting her blood drawn,
bless her heart.

Then we were outta there.

After that I took her to the Chinese market to
get some food that she would actually

It was the very least I could do.

Well, with vengeance in her almond eyes,
she loaded up.

Loaded. Up.

Way to go, girl!

Once we were home,
Lucy decided it was time for her regularly scheduled
meltdown since, after all, Nick clearly
upset her by not letting her throw puzzle pieces
all over the place.

How dare he??

It was obvious that her tantrum was turning
into a defiant rant.

How does this darling daughter of mine,
turn on a dime like this?

I'm sure her mood swings will get better with time.

I put her in time-out, another American favorite.
As she was screaming and flopping
around like a flounder out of water,
I looked at Macy and said,

"Macy, what would a Chinese Mama do...spank her??"

She looked at me,
with a, I thought you'd never ask look,
and said,

"Uhhh, YEAH!!!"


And no, I didn't spank case you were wondering.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Lucy Post

This girl continues her journey into taking over the world...
well, at least our family.

One of these days I'm going to figure out how to post
videos because I would love for you to
get a glimpse of her personality.

She is a HOOT.
Although she can be a STINKER too.
And by STINKER, I mean....well, there are no words.

She wants the attention of ALL of us, ALL the time.


I'm sure one of these days she will figure
out how to build a stage out of her
and our living room will turn into a Vegas-style concert hall.

As of late,
she insists on wearing a headband.
She takes no consideration of the style,
color, or......
**It just happens to match her outfit on this day.

Everywhere we go....
this is the look we tote around.
There is no point in fighting it...
This is Lucy we're talkin' about...and it's just gonna happen.

From the time she gets out of bed....until she
climbs back in,
this is the fashion statement that we live with.
And it's not unusual for it to slip completely onto
her forehead...and she doesn't even notice.

We ALL just accept it,
and laugh constantly.

Life is fun with Lucy.
But don't make me explain my newest wrinkles and gray hair.

I think you understand.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Asian Believers...Filled with God's Holy Fire


Have you ever really considered the meaning of that word?

About six months ago I heard a preacher (Chuck Swindoll, I think)
say that the only time we should use the word
is when we are referring to God.

It really struck me and I've tried to reserve my use
of the word for Him only, ever since.

today we had an awesome experience.
Meaning, it was clearly orchestrated by the Lord,
and for His glory.

Macy and I visited the Chinese church again and
it was AMAZING.
We went to the youth class like we did last time
but towards the end,
the entire class went to watch a baptism in the main service.

Keep in mind that this church is held in a school and since
the Bible instructs believers to fully submerge
those being baptized,
they had to use a big tank that they filled with water
(they kept it warm as much as they could).

The young married couple being baptized, who only recently
came to know Jesus as their Savior,
gave their testimonies first.
Oh my gosh, was SO MOVING.

I should tell you that it was all in Chinese and it
did my heart good to know that Macy
appeared to be taking in every word.

Also, a young college girl pulled a chair up beside me
and told me she would gladly translate
everything into English for me.
Seriously, can this get any better?
Wow, what a blessing to know that not only was
my sweet Chinese daughter understanding
what was being said,
but I got to understand it as well.

After the baptism we sang,
"I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"
in Chinese.
It was absolutely beautiful.

After the service,
my translator, Joyce, told me that she
is currently working on her master's degree in social work
with her focus being on adoption.
She was so thrilled (as was I) for us to meet.
We exchanged email addresses and will definitely
be in contact as she wants to
get to know our family more.

I'm so super excited.

And I'm so tickled to serve such an

Awesome God.

Oh, and not that it matters, but to top it all off,
despite the rain today,
my hair looked unusually fabulous.
I'm just sayin.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy day

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments
I was so surprised at how many of you are
older than me...and yet, you look
And so many of you are younger than me,
which is quite annoying.
But I forgive you.

I had a happy (but oh-so-average) day
with the kiddos.

Then my sweet man brought dinner home,
along with a birthday cake!

Brenden went to a concert so he didn't
celebrate with us. :(
And as I'm typing this, late on Thursday night...
I'm waiting up for him to get home.
That's really the only thing I hate about having
teenagers...the late nights.

how big is 41?

Be totally honest with me....
is 41 a really big number?

I mean, compared to the national deficit,
it's a mere vapor of a number.

Compared to China's population...
I mean, come on...41 is nothing, right?


But I suppose,
when you look at the average life-expectancy...
41 is....(gulp) kinda big.

At least half-way big.

Ok, maybe old is a better word.

No, nevermind...I'll have none of that.

41 is NOT old....

because today,
I turn 41.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to ME!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

and so it begins...?

"One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It's very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. . . . Now, the American people, if you put it to them about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, would unhesitatingly vote against it." - Ronald Reagan

taking a break

I'm kinda surprising even myself with this

but I've decided I need a break from blogging.

at least my daily blogging.

I've got so much going on and it's getting a tad stressful.
And although blogging is a fun outlet for me,
it's just another thing that steals my

I have no real plan as to the frequency of future
posts. But please check back in on me, OK?


If you would like,
let me know if you want me to add you to my
email list that will automatically
send you an email when I post something new.
Obviously, you will need to give me your email address.

And I will certainly be checking my email accounts
frequently so please send me any important
info regarding adoption news of your own!!

Thanks so much, friends!

learning to be a kid

Macy only spent about 2 years in her orphanage.
And we were told by one of her friends
that during that time,
she spent very little time playing with the other girls.
Most of her time, outside of school, was spent
sitting on her bed studying and reading.

Before coming to the orphanage,
this sweet girl lost her parents to an accident and illness,
then spent much of her childhood
with relatives in, in extreme poverty.

So all of this explains why she has a very difficult time
playing, participating in pretend tea parties, and just being silly.

We are trying to change all that.

If there's a silly family she can learn from,
it's definitely us!

Shortly after we came home from China,
I told Macy she should get on the
swing set with Lucy.
I could see that she was extremely out of
her comfort zone....and didn't quite know what to do.
She tolerated it for a while,
then got off.

Then yesterday,
Lucy wanted to swing and I asked Macy if she wanted
to swing was as if she was just waiting
for me to ask because eagerly hopped
up and got on the swing.

she was cautious and found that having fun, in this way,
was a bit new....but she did seem to enjoy it.

I assured her that everyone loves to swing...
even old mamas like me!

Then we had a little fun throwing hotdog buns
to the chickens.

Each day brings some progress with Macy,
although honestly...there are some
days that we seem at a standstill...or even
a few steps back.
But overall, it is getting better....
this morning she even asked me if she could
watch CCTV.
Wow. I was so excited! I know that seems
really small...but actually, it's really huge that she felt confident
enough to use her English...and assert herself
to make a request!

And lastly,
as no post is truly complete with out flare of Lucy in it...
The other day Nick told Lucy that Macy was his sister too.
WELL...that did not go over well with our little
dictator princess.

She BOLDLY told Nick that Macy was her sister...
and that he has his own sister who is
still in China.

Well now....

Friday, November 6, 2009

a bloggy friend visit

Yesterday was a crazy-fun day that included
meeting up with my bloggy
friend Leah and her family,
who will *soon* be going to China to
adopt one of Macy's friends!!!

Here we are at Panera Bread...
they are in town with their
daughter who
is playing in the state championship
volleyball tournament!!
And here are the kiddos.
**One little ladybug is missing though!

We had a lovely visit and will definitely
get together again, especially once their sweet girl is home!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a dozen directions

Yesterday around lunchtime I bluntly announced
to whatever kids were in earshot
that I had not yet posted anything to my blog for the day...
as if the world was screeching to
a halt because of it and I was feeling the need to fess up.

Nick looked at me and shook his head,
"Mom, you're going to have a lot of old ladies mad at you."

Don't worry ladies,
I made sure that he knew NONE of you are OLD!

truth is...I'm just really tired.
It's been a busy week and it's not over yet.
I am being pulled in a dozen directions
and feel as though something's got to give...but I'm
not sure what.

But, that's life...right?

I don't even have anything interesting
to write about today.

maybe something will pop into my noggin later.
But for now,
I'm going to finish my H*stess Ding Dong
and coffee then make my kids
some real breakfast.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a sunny and 70 "snow day"

our day off from school was mediocre-exciting, but productive.

The kids weren't all that thrilled when I
announced the "snow day" (I didn't tell them Life Skills because
that spells...C.H.O.R.E.S. to them. Quick learners, they are).
When they glanced out the window, a look
of udder disappointment came over them
as it was obviously going to be sunny and 70.
So sad, isn't it?

I built a fine team
and we worked together to get things done.

The young men of the house
drying the floor after I mopped...we did this agonzingly
dreaded chore in record time.
*Yes, I timed us.

But it wasn't all work and no play...

Lucy does EVERYTHING that Macy does.
Look at how Lucy's bookmark is positioned
exactly like Macy's.
That wasn't by accident, I assure you.

And looky man brought
me flowers at the end of the day!!!
Aren't they pretty!?

So it's back to the schoolhouse grind today...
Oh goody, I get a break from housework.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I declare

As the head-honcho in our little schoolhouse,
I declare today...

A Snow day....
Teacher in-service....
Parent/Teacher conference day....
National Holiday....

Whatever you want to call it...

I have made the executive decision that there will
be no school in this house today.

I said it.
And it feels soooo good!

We are going to clean house and do some baking.

So, let's officially call it a Life Skills Day.


And lest you think I would dare
leave you with no pictures to ponder....

Macy (so far) is enjoying doing some

So far she has two whole pages...
sure hope she wants to continue with it!
If she's anything like her new siblings
she will be bored with it and never
touch it again.


Brenden slipped this log-o-meat into
my shopping cart and as you can see, has
made it all-his-own.

Later that day...
He sat and ate an entire bowl of jello.

Only those of you with growing teenage boys could
possibly understand the on-going snack bill
that goes on in our house.

Now ya'll go have a Happy MONDAY!

And if you homeschool,
make sure you read the memo:
Your children will love and thank me.
Tell them no gifts are
necessary...but very appreciated.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Let me just say upfront that I am NOT a fan
of Halloween.
It just doesn't set well with me.
You will never hear me call it a holiday because
holiday means, Holy Day and ummmm,
there's nothing holy about Halloween.

Having said all that,
getting dressing up in fun costumes and loading up on candy
is so darn fun that,
I'm not exactly against it either.
*Halloween Waffler, is what I am*
I really should be a politician!

The girls didn't dress up.
But the boys did.....

My little Nicky is wearing his pumpkin
costume that he wore in pre-school!!!!

And Brenden, having a sudden fascination
with Groucho Marx, was well,
Groucho Marx.

Lucy was just A-OK with being the everyday
princess that she always is.

I'm not sure if pictures do him justice but
this kid had us cracking up big time.
He was totally in-character and it was hilarious!

Princess and Mama.
The boys went to a party and
the girls both went to spend the evening at
my parents' house
(while K-man and I went on a much-needed date!)
....they had a blast (and so did we)!
They handed out candy,
which was about as much Halloween as they wanted
to be involved in.
And my mom helped Macy bake cream-puffs!
She LOVED it!!
We will definitely be pursuing some pastry-making
around here!

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