Sunday, November 1, 2009


Let me just say upfront that I am NOT a fan
of Halloween.
It just doesn't set well with me.
You will never hear me call it a holiday because
holiday means, Holy Day and ummmm,
there's nothing holy about Halloween.

Having said all that,
getting dressing up in fun costumes and loading up on candy
is so darn fun that,
I'm not exactly against it either.
*Halloween Waffler, is what I am*
I really should be a politician!

The girls didn't dress up.
But the boys did.....

My little Nicky is wearing his pumpkin
costume that he wore in pre-school!!!!

And Brenden, having a sudden fascination
with Groucho Marx, was well,
Groucho Marx.

Lucy was just A-OK with being the everyday
princess that she always is.

I'm not sure if pictures do him justice but
this kid had us cracking up big time.
He was totally in-character and it was hilarious!

Princess and Mama.
The boys went to a party and
the girls both went to spend the evening at
my parents' house
(while K-man and I went on a much-needed date!)
....they had a blast (and so did we)!
They handed out candy,
which was about as much Halloween as they wanted
to be involved in.
And my mom helped Macy bake cream-puffs!
She LOVED it!!
We will definitely be pursuing some pastry-making
around here!


Chris said...

Your boys crack me up...they kinda remind me of my 'big' boys!
I am a 'fence-rider' when it comes to Halloween as well. There was a time when we just didn't do it. My older kids call it 'the lost years of Halloween'. We cautiously have ventured back into this ummm....'holiday'. We now focus more on the giving of the candy than the receiving. Our four year old does trick or treat for a bit....but, she most definitely enjoys handing out the candy!

Joy said...

It sounds like y'all had a great time.

We don't celebrate halloween at all. BUT last night as I was on a late night medicine run, I was tempted to go to the two houses in our neighborhood that had porch lights on and get some candy. I do remember how much fun that can be. :-)

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

omgness! These pictures (mmm, costumes) are amazing! hahaha. I laughed out loud at nick's. So funny. And brendens was so good! Very realistic and elaborate.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Never been a Halloween fan, but do a little trick or treating just not to be a party stinker! Kids went to about 10 houses on our street and then did the trunk or treat at church. All done till next year, thank goodness!!!

Brenden is hysterical!!

Hezra said...

Ha! I love your description of that whole halloween thing. That is me exactly. I am a waffler. But the kids really love dresing up and getting free candy. Go figure. lol So our downtown businesses pass out candy at the end of their work day. It is before dark there are police to keep crosswalks safe, and then HUNDREDS of kids dressed up getting free safe candy and having fun.

Holly said...

I'm a Halloween waffler too!
Love the pics. Those boys keep you smiling, don't they :)

Chris said...

Yeah, we don't trick or treat either. But I can appreciate Brendan's costume and Nick...didn't he grow much since pre-school?

Karin said...

I'm a Halloween waffler, too. :)) If you ran for office, I would vote for you. :)

Holly said...

Funny, there is another Holly on here who said the same thing I was going to say! That was weird... : ) Loved the pictures, and yep, I'm a waffler too. But we grew up always doing Halloween, and I never thought a thing about it. So I guess that's why we still have fun with it now. We've decided that it is what you make it. And we certainly do not celebrate the devil!! Groucho is A OK to me! :)

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