Friday, October 30, 2009

a big surprise

My parents were out of town for Macy's birthday
but gave her her present yesterday....

What every teenager needs.....

Her very own laptop!
She was so surprised!
K-Man was eager to help her get
up and going!

Then we called her friend Xiao Dan (Ellie)
and the girls talked for an hour
and a half!
All while on the computer, of course.

Such a fun day!!!


Sally- That Girl! said...

WOW! What a awesome birthday present from your parents to Macy. She must feel pretty special!!!

Great photos!

Stefanie said...

Love to see the joy on Macy's face in those last few pics... what a GREAT gift!! :)

Jo said...

What a fun gift for her! So will Lucy be expecting a laptop for her next birthday, too?!

Nancy said...

Wouldn't you love to now what Macy and her friend chatted about for 1.5 ;hours? What a great gift for a teenager. Your parents must be awesome.

Adeye said...

Oh wow--the perfect gift for any teenager :) So wonderful.

Hope you're having a blessed weekend, my friend.

Holly said...

I love it!! The best present ever, of course. Soon she will be blogging!! :) And I am just so happy that she has a good friend to talk to. God is so good. I missed reading your blog while I was in China! I couldn't open it!

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