Friday, November 20, 2009

what would a chinese mama do?

Macy had her first American physical the other day.
The poor dear was scared to pieces.
Her pulse was racing.

I kept assuring her that our doctor, Dr. Holly, was super
nice and she didn't need to be afraid one bit.

Then the nurse handed her the gown to put on.

My entire pep-talk flew out the window
at that very moment.

Good grief.

She looked at me as if I had asked her to dance the mamba
in the waiting room.

I convinced her that it was ok....(yeah, right).

Once she was in her primitive doctor-visit-garb,
she sat there shivering
on the paper-lined table thingy.

We've all been there, right?
Too often.

Well, just as I had told her,
Dr. Holly was amazingly nice and truly compassionate.

Then today we went back for the blood work...and urine sample.
Yes, another favorite American torture-treatment,
peeing in a cup.

Oh and then the nurse gave me
(I kid you not)
5...(or was it 6?) viles to fill at home.
Ya know what I mean.

God bless America and all our advances in medicine.

She was a trooper getting her blood drawn,
bless her heart.

Then we were outta there.

After that I took her to the Chinese market to
get some food that she would actually

It was the very least I could do.

Well, with vengeance in her almond eyes,
she loaded up.

Loaded. Up.

Way to go, girl!

Once we were home,
Lucy decided it was time for her regularly scheduled
meltdown since, after all, Nick clearly
upset her by not letting her throw puzzle pieces
all over the place.

How dare he??

It was obvious that her tantrum was turning
into a defiant rant.

How does this darling daughter of mine,
turn on a dime like this?

I'm sure her mood swings will get better with time.

I put her in time-out, another American favorite.
As she was screaming and flopping
around like a flounder out of water,
I looked at Macy and said,

"Macy, what would a Chinese Mama do...spank her??"

She looked at me,
with a, I thought you'd never ask look,
and said,

"Uhhh, YEAH!!!"


And no, I didn't spank case you were wondering.


Leah said...

We have one with flounder flopping syndrome over here too. Macy's reaction and answer is hilarious!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

bahaha, lucy. wow. Yeah, had I been the parent, I probably would've whipped the tar out of her. heheh... 0;)
Aw, poor macy! That's a TERRIBLE experience. aw...

Debby said...

Macy is sounding like an American teenager pretty quick......=)

Glad you two got through the Dr appts OK.

Karin said...

Poor Macy....ugh. Tell her that I sit sweating on the doctor's table thingy, too. I've said, she and SaraGrace sound very much alike. Can you imagine when they get hormones? I'm thinking 'the home' might start sounding good to me about then.

Holly said...

Another post! Yea!! : ) I miss you when you are not here.... (but I survive. I'm not that pathetic.)

Ugh. Poor Macy. I hate dr. appts too. In fact I had mine today. Joy of all joys. But I love my doctor too. I think I actually just go to those appointments so that she and I can catch up on all that's happened in the year!

Oh dear. I've been so lucky so far with no tantrums from Sarah. I wonder if they will begin soon. I've never had a kid who didn't do them at least to some extent. Hope it gets better for ya real soon. My boys' tantrums never lasted forever. There's a hopeful thought for you! : )

Jean said...

Ahhh- I love it! "like a flounder out of water" only you would think of that!! Truly, I love your wit!!

Mood swings getting better- hahahahahaha- I'm sorry- I could help myself!

The poop thing we didn't do it! I just couldn't so I asked her- are you going poopoo okay- ya mom- good, check it off the list!

Best wishes!! ;-)

Hezra said...

I am so sorry for Macy's appt. ugh. hate them. I put of blood drawing for MONTHS if I can. Lucy's tantrums... been there*sigh* today. But they ARE getting better. With tons of patience, better communications and a LOT (a stinking lot) of effort at consistency... his tantrums are less. As for Macy's response-- hilarious. I think that was a good sign! She is being open and humerous-- or was it honesty? Well, either way, she is being so quickly bonded I am amazed!! keep up the good work!!

Jill said...

Maybe our Lucy's were seperated at birth twins?? I swear her head can turn a 360 sometimes. You think I'm jokin'..I am not!! Over THE ODDEST things!

Sorry to hear Miss Macy was "inducted" a bit today. Sounds like both she and the Dr handled it well!

LOVE her response to your question abou Lucy though...too funny!

Glad to see you still posting! :)

Chasity said...

Dear precious Macy....that is alot to absorb for her first physical. Thankfully it sounds like she got through it with Mama's help.

Oh, I thought I would never read a post with a temper tantrum. Jiesue has melt downs and has attempted the tantrum, hoping it stays under control. She visit her 2 corners in the house too (timeouts didn't faise her, she just stared at everyone and played with her teeny toes). LOL

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