Sunday, November 22, 2009

no-shave november

Besides the huge lack of time,
one big reason for my not-so-frequent blogging is

All of my children have suddenly become camera-shy.
I've been trying to capture my boys on film
because, if you didn't know,

No-Shave November.

All their friends are participating.
Yep, and the results are something I'd love
to show you.

Shaggy, baby.

Last night the girls were working on some things
at the kitchen counter
and I broke out the camera and caught
Macy off-guard.
Lucy also acted surprised.
She is working on worksheets from a workbook
we got at Sam's. A BIG workbook
that she will zip through in no time.
Thankfully, she actually tries to follow the


*Oh and I'll do my darndest to get some pics
of the No-Shave November participants before Dec. 1...stay tuned.


Karin said...

So is your hubby participating in no-shave Nov., also? :)))

Debby said...

We met upm with friends yesterday & her 16 yr old is also participating in No Shave November...quite the shaggy chin hairs going on......

I hope you meant you'd share pics by Dec 1.!!

Jean said...

Well I'm relieved! When I saw the title I thought it was you that was doing the no shave November- whew- I was thinking it was your version of a fast or some sort of rebellion! I was going to request no pics please but now that I'm straightened out - I'd love to see the shaggy boys!! My oldest son participates in that ... year round! ;-)

Madeleine said...

AH! My 24 year old is participating in that. Much to his fiance's rsignation. lol.

It's fun for them and goodness it doesn't hurt anyone. At least for the first few days when you are trying to steal a kiss. :)

My husband doesn't do it to my resignation. I LOVE beards. lol.

Your girls are sooooo cute I can't stand it. I am so glad you keep posting pictures. They are a treasure. In spite of a tantrum here & there. lol.

Have a good Thanksgiving if you are not around before then!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Aw, that's a sweet picture of Macy...and Lucy of course. ;)
I almost considered doing no shave november....just kidding. I would never consider it if someone paid me.

connie said...

Whew, I thought we were the only ones who had a shaggy baby - our college boy participates in no-shave november too! And I'm sorry I can't stop laughing at your 'buns' post. I've learned I have to lock the door because our newest son will venture everywhere at anytime... not that I couldn't hear him coming :)

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