Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a dozen directions

Yesterday around lunchtime I bluntly announced
to whatever kids were in earshot
that I had not yet posted anything to my blog for the day...
as if the world was screeching to
a halt because of it and I was feeling the need to fess up.

Nick looked at me and shook his head,
"Mom, you're going to have a lot of old ladies mad at you."

Don't worry ladies,
I made sure that he knew NONE of you are OLD!

truth is...I'm just really tired.
It's been a busy week and it's not over yet.
I am being pulled in a dozen directions
and feel as though something's got to give...but I'm
not sure what.

But, that's life...right?

I don't even have anything interesting
to write about today.

maybe something will pop into my noggin later.
But for now,
I'm going to finish my H*stess Ding Dong
and coffee then make my kids
some real breakfast.


Cari said...

Ding Dong & coffee...breakfast of champions! My sister does the same thing, actually she usually has some type of H*ostess cupcake with Dr. Pepper.

Old Lady, what?....whatever! :)
He's goin' down!

Tony and Rett said...

OHHH, that NICK! Old Lady? I beg to differ! Come on! I'm 33! *GASP* Did I just publicize my age? YES! Because I just want to set the record straight! I am not old!

Hehehe. I can see him now. Um, 33? Yeah, that's old.

*smacks forehead*

Nancy said...

Well, this old lady, (and I am old) checked your blog no less than 10 times yesterday. I was afraid you were sick. Glad you weren't

Jean said...

I am old... Nick met me... he knows! But, I'm happily old!!

I have a thang for the H*stess cupcakes. Had them for lunch everyday as I was growing up. Still love 'em!!

I'm feelin a bit pulled in too many directions too but your right that's life! PRAY!

Lisa said...

Tell Nick, we are not old ladies out here in blog world! HA HA

I checked your blog several times throughout day. I prayed for peace and safety for your family. I was so afraid you or someone in your house was sick.

Tell Nick, we all MISSED YOU!


Debby said...

I'm so far behind in my blogging lately that I feel like it might be Christmas before I get the pumpkin pics up!! Hopefully, I can get to them this week...still....

I have a lot to blog about & no want to do it for me?????

I do enjoy dropping in & reading everything though.

Lacy said...

Oh Lori! I am feeling like I am being pulled in a dozen directions as well. Being a wife, mother and homeschooler is about all I can handle. Throw in all of the appointments, commitments and the face that my kids cannot find the trash can or the hamper and I am ready to lose it. I think it is normal, especially this time of year. I know I have this idea of perfection that I am constantly trying to obtain. It helps to know that I am not alone in my feelings. It is so nice to know there is some support out there. Even if it is just reading about it in bloggy land:) Praying for you.

PS. I am not old either. Although I did just find my first confirmed grey hair yesterday. LOL:)

Chris said...

Watch it you little whippersnapper! (He knows how to get comments) Not w/ his biceps,but by his mouth :^)
I have 2-1/2 sick kids and too much to do...sorry I didn't notice you missed a day...I checked, but my days run into each other.

Janet said...

I missed you! Yum--the chocolate ones with white cream?!?! This glutten free diet (for the kids) has me sneaking sweets when I'm alone.
And youngman--I may be old, but made it to age 40 before I had to start coloring my hair to cover the gray---how many people can say that!! Just wait til YOU are old!

Karen said...

Hey, who is Nick calling old?! I wasn't angry, just bummed. I enjoy reading about your family daily. I missed out on my "Lori" fix:-) I hear you about being pulled in too many directions!

Holly said...

Yep, that is life. It's been kind of nice having a little excuse to get out of everything for a little while. : ) I wonder how long I can keep using it? I've been praying for you guys! Love you!

Janet and Kevin said...

I am old but young at heart!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Rachel said...

Keep truckin friend! You are always in my prayers, and I'll now be asking for some true moments of refreshing & encouragement for you! Hugs!
Hey - my "word verification password" was awfully close to Lunesta...Maybe it's a sign! :)

Karin said...

Old? :) Well....I never! harumph! :)

Well, he is just so funny that we fossils will have to forgive him.

Madeleine said...


How well he knows us. In all sorts of ways.

Oh my, are you one of those people, like my daughter and my husband, who has ridiculous metabolism and looks fantastic??? Unlike myself, who if I ate 1/2 of what they do, would be rolled everywhere???

OH the blessing.

And I remember being that age, and thinking how 30 and 40 were grandmother ages.


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