Friday, November 6, 2009

a bloggy friend visit

Yesterday was a crazy-fun day that included
meeting up with my bloggy
friend Leah and her family,
who will *soon* be going to China to
adopt one of Macy's friends!!!

Here we are at Panera Bread...
they are in town with their
daughter who
is playing in the state championship
volleyball tournament!!
And here are the kiddos.
**One little ladybug is missing though!

We had a lovely visit and will definitely
get together again, especially once their sweet girl is home!


Madeleine said...


I met a bloggie friend once. They came out the NYC area.

It was cool!

Cari said...

That is so cool! I follow her blog, too. That's really neat that you are able to meet up with each other and the whole connection with her adopting Macy's friend...totally God! Love it!!

Adeye said...

How wonderful that you got to meet. I bet Macy is super excited about seeing her friend again :) So fantastic.

Love you!

Karin said...

Well how fun is THAT?!?!?! So neat that you know each other now and can get Macy and their daughter together. God is so amazing. :)

Jean said...

How fun to get together!! That will be so great when they get their daughter!! Yippee Jesus!!

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