Sunday, November 29, 2009

chinese cheerleader

When we were putting the Christmas tree up,
Lucy discovered these tree "trunk" (pole) cover-up

She immediately turned them into pom poms.

The perky cheerleader in this
Asian firecracker has emerged.

Don't you worry...
real pom poms have since been purchased
and a cheerleader
outfit is in the works.
I'm sure I'll be able to whip it out quickly with all the free
time I have.


I am determined for this chica to be suited
up and ready for basketball season!



Kim said...

I think your little firecracker and mine would have a grand ol' time together.

Cute pictures of your cheerleader!


Lacy said...

Such an adorable cheerleader. I can't wait to see the outfit you are making.

Madeleine said...

Firecracker!! I love it! How old is your little one?

How old was she when you got her?

It is such an odd concept to put the tree together. lol.

We have always cut it down. Though there are times I WISHED we had a not-real tree. They seem like no maintanance. Or very little at worst.

John would never go for it though.

So, chances are we will go out this weekend to the farm, and cut one down, and for the first time in YEARS, it won't be freezing!!!

Can't wait to see the cheerleader pictures! :)

Shanna said...

rah! rah! rah! for Christmas!! Lucy is a hooooot! Gosh, she and Chloe could wreak havoc together!!

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