Thursday, November 26, 2009

giving thanks

Since Macy is still so new to our family,
and to America,
we decided it would be best to just celebrate
Thanksgiving without extended family.
Macy still gets overwhelmed
around lots of people and because both sides
of our family are so loud expressively fun,
we opted for a quiet(er) holiday with just the 6 of us.

And because food continues to be a HUGE issue,
we thought it would be good to kick
off the holiday with a big Chinese dinner on
Wednesday night.
*Mike & Angela, THANK YOU for the gift card!!

As you can see,
the kids were eager to get their
pictures taken.
I'm not exactly sure what Brenden is doing. But I assure you,
the food was fabulous.

I asked Macy if she knew that Mama
was a supermodel.
She giggled.
Not sure why that was so funny.
But here I am showing her how to pose.

Brenden showed a little of his
supermodel moves too.
Or should I say, superhero?

Now you're getting the idea!
Good job.

And we all know that this
little diva knows how to work a camera.

Fast forward to Thursday....

I made all the traditional Thanksgiving fixins'.

And if you don't mind,
please pause to admire my cherry pie.
And do note that it is made from
FRESH cherries.
Cherries that I spent an HOUR pitting!
I said, "NEVER AGAIN" until my sweet husband
told me how incredible fabulous it was.
Well honey, maybe for you I will make another
one some day.
Oh and yes, doesn't the bread look deee-licious!?

Finishing up our meal.

Don't Wally and Beaver look so
prim and proper?

Then we began the much anticipated Christmas decorating.

Brenden wanted to put the tree up in mid-October
but I held him off until today.

Almost everyone was in on the action...

Macy took her job of making sure the branches
were just right, very seriously.

And here is Nick helping.

And Miss Pose-a-lot with the finished tree.

Two years ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in the waiting
mode for our NSN Chinese baby girl....
Never in a million years would I have guessed that
24 short months later, we would have
two Chinese daughters!

Wow, what a blessing.

I sure am THANKFUL!!


Nancy said...

Loved, loved, loved the pictures. I bet this Thankgiving was extra special.

Gretchen said...

Loved the post! I don't think I know anyone who puts up their tree on Thanksgiving. Ours is going up on Saturday.

Cari said...

looks like you guys had a fabulous day! we are celebrating Thanksgiving & Christmas on Saturday with my husband's parents and sister's family for the sake of being all together for both holiday celebration. our family traveled back today from visiting my husband's grandmother, so we ate at Cracker cookin' for me today!

Adeye said...

What precious family memories, my friend. LOVED the pics. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday together.

Love and hugs

Shonni said...

What a precious day it looks like ya'll the posing!!!

Sharla said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It is so much fun to experience their firsts!! Macy looks like she is doing so wonderful!!

Miss M said...

You are such a great Mom! You know just what your family needs! I love the pic at the dinner table! I have been trying to find the time to comment for 2 days- and for two days I have been thinking about that pic and laughing!!

My Johnny does not pose for me... at all. I have to get him by surprise or I'm left empty handed.

This post calls for a Happy thanksgiving AND a Merry Christmas!!

Miss M said...

Oh Grrrr- that last comment was from me... not Little Miss M- who is actually my daughter Katie. This is evidence that my computer has been tampered with! I'm going after the perpetrator!

Jean said...

Okay- I am hoping it will work this time... it is getting late... Happy Christmas and a Merry Thanksgiving!

Love ya friend!!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

The bread and pie look yummy!!!! And what a beautiful tree!!

Chris said...

the food looks great! where do you find fresh cherries this time of the year?
Did your boys shave? they looked a bit clean cut to me.

Chris said...

Your family cracks me up!!! Your boys remind me of mine when they were still at home!!! (Now, they are in college...soon to graduate!)

Thanks for the chuckles....

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

WOW! You're so domestic. Good job.
Bahaha, that was amazing timing with the picture of brenden and nick.

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