Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lucy and Her Four Parents

The timing of Lucy's adoption was flawless in many ways. One of the biggest is the fact that our boys are at an age where they have been just downright smitten with her from day one. They love to dote on her constantly. They are such a blessing because they step up to help without being asked...they put her in her car seat & highchair, they pick her up & love on her when she falls down, they share their food with her (ok, seriously..that is big because they are like ravenous dogs), they tickle & play, they make sure she is out of harm's way...all of this they do, just like her Mama & Baba, hence her four parents.

But here's the difference in three of her four "parents"....I seem to be the only disciplinarian. I'm the one that hands out the time-out's, I'm the one that says a stern "no" (and I mean it..almost every time), I'm the one who...well, you get the idea. Ok, so here's a big is very typical for all of us to load up and go to Sam's, the grocery store, Wal-Mart...whatever. We just like to go shopping. When it's just Lu and me, we usually have a very smooth shopping experience, like any two girls would. HOWEVER, when Lucy's biggest fans are with us, the chick turns on me. Suddenly putting her into the shopping cart is like trying to put a cat in the bathtub. She knows that all she has to do is whimper & whine & one of big guys will be the hero & say "ok Lucy, I will hold you!!" (with such enthusiasm, almost fierce-like, as if they are pulling her from a burning building). If I do manage to get the cat in the cart, it will only be a matter of minutes before she locks eyes with her closest "Superman" & says, "I hold you B-den (or Yick, or Baba)"...which always leads to a melted heart (as if she has just announced that her man of choice at that manipulating moment is, in fact, her favorite). Then, every...single....time....she quickly worms her way down, out of their arms & into the sweet freedom of a big-box store to explore. Grrr. That is exactly what I was trying to prevent from the get-go. **sigh** Please. She has their number on speed-dial & they fall for it every time.

But the ironic thing today is, she won't let me put her down!!! She is insisting that I hold her because she discovered a, heaven help her, ladybug on her foot!! She completely freaked out. Now Little Miss Independent wants nothing to do with running around. And she keeps checking the bottom of her foot for one of the friendly, I mean, ferocious beetles. So, the lesson of this story is, I will now be carrying a jar of ladybugs in my purse to use as needed.

Thankful Thursday

Here I am, thankful as ever that it's Thursday and that tomorrow is Friday!! But yes, I have a whole host of other things to be thankful for as well. Here are ten of them.....

1. Husband. My sweet, romantic man brought me flowers last week!!! Whether he gives me a dozen roses or a bunch of daisies...I love them the same!

2. Slippers. Nothing like my warm worn-out pink slippers to welcome my tootsies every morning to walk me to my coffee maker.

3. Flowers. I love that my hydrangea was able to hang on until Tuesday when it finally met up with the frosties over night! :( The blooms were blue all summer until this pretty-in-pink one showed up suddenly!

4. Angela...I'm so thankful that my sweet friend finally got text messaging on her phone! Now if she would just get a blog! (Truth be told, we both like this pic so I just wanted another excuse to post it!)

5. No-Bake Cookies...Ever so easy to throw together at 9:00 PM when hungry teenage boys need something sweet to eat.

6. My Driveway...Yes, I'm very thankful for my driveway that no matter what season, it makes for a gorgeous walk to my mailbox!

7. Plentiful Food Supply...I'm extremely thankful for the full cabinets, refrigerator & freezers full of food.

8. Flat Iron...One of man's greatest inventions to keep my hair from hurting those around me.

9. Coffee Maker...That has a timer on it that I only recently began to utilize. The thrill of walking into my kitchen at way-too-early o'clock in the morning & seeing my coffee waiting for me is oh-so-eye-opening!

10. Toothpaste...No explanation necessary I assume...what's not love about being able to have a minty-clean-n-fresh mouth several times a day!

11. Followers...Ok, I'm adding an unheard of 11th item to a top-ten list...but I simply must acknowledge that I am now in the double-digits in the number of followers I have! Ok, this is a meager amount compared to others but I'm thankful for each and everyone of mine! Wanna join the pack?

Though a person can never be too thankful for all blessings big and can, in fact, spend entirely too much time reporting about them on her is blogging-run-a-muck. I vow to never again devote half my day to taking pictures of my various thankful items & posting them to my blog (I will just have to learn to do it in under and hour).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Odd Observation....

I have an observation to comment about. I really hope not to offend anyone...Ha! now I'm concerned about offending? Now that's funny! Anyhoo...let's get real here. What's up with the hands-free, bluetooth headset thingys that people wear around as if they are waiting for their kidney donor to call?? (Ok, if you are waiting for your kidney, please, my apologies...this doesn't apply to you!). I mean, what is so dog-gone important that you can't run into the grocery store to pick up a few things without the fear of missing that life-altering "hey, waz up?" phone call? I don't have my mailbox strapped to my waist when I'm eagerly awaiting for that special birthday card to arrive from my Aunt. And whatever happened to the traditional phone-in-pocket way of life? Have you not discovered the "vibrate" mode? And don't you have to have your phone with you even if you are wearing your new extended "ear" anyway??? And do you not care that when you do get a call from that urgently important caller from say....your brother or your next door neighbor to tell you that bowling night has been changed to Tuesday, that the person next to you in Wal-Mart will think you are completely insane because you are talking to yourself....because they happen to be on the side where the ear-phone isn't? These are the little things that just get under my skin people.

Just something to ponder........

Monday, October 27, 2008

Linen Obsession

Yesterday was one of my favorite days...change-the-sheets-day!! I just adore fresh, clean, crisp, oh-so-wonderful smelling sheets. I change them twice a week, and honestly, I would change them every single day if I had the time. There is just something about knowing that my bed linens have been washed (in hot water, of course, to get all those icky skins cells off that we shed every night...that's just grosss. Oh and don't forget the fabric softener!!), dried and IMMEDIATELY folded (to ensure few wrinkles), and then put away to await their turn on our bed (but not too long...they will lose their freshiness). Come bedtime I get all bubbly with excitement & tell K the fabulous news (as if he really cares), climb into my cozy night-time place of zzzz's (if I remember, I turn my electric blanket on before hand to make for a warm entry!) knowing that my slumber will be extra sweet. AAAHHH! It's really these simple little things in life that give me the biggest smile!

How was that for lightening things up a bit over yesterday's topic! Don't get too popular demand, I plan to post a video later that SHOULD force Obama out of the race if it proves to be true. Check back in later....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I really have so much fun doing this blog. I love sharing my quirky thoughts & experiences with my family & friends...and lurkers! So I ask that you hang with me here...I promise to return to my ever-so-odd self but today I'm feeling a lot less silly than usual and more heavy-hearted. I hope that you will read this to the end and keep an open heart and mind....

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Barack Hussain Obama really disturbs me...and that's putting it mildly. Please hear me loud and clear...this is not about democrats vs. republicans. I don't care what you call yourself politically. The little Midwestern gal in me hesitates to say this but I choose to boldly tell you that what I'm about to say as truly a word from the Lord and it is a warning.

The mainstream media is so enamored by Obama that we really don't hear anything other than how wonderful he is (he and Biden simply cut off availability to journalists who ask the tough questions)...and how horrible Palin is for, God forbid, wearing nice clothes, being a life-choosing mom of a special needs child, and yes, a CHRISTIAN (meaning, saved by the grace of God through His son Jesus...not Obama's "Christianity" gained through sitting in a hate-filled church for 20 years). Barack Hussain Obama's SOCIALISTIC ideas will change America...a change that would make our forefathers roll over in their graves. Obama is clueless to what the American Dream is...he seems to think it is about spreading the wealth....or should I say more plainly, spreading YOUR income, is the answer to the economic problems. That, my friends, is SO ANTI-AMERICAN I can't even stand it.
Many, many times throughout the Bible we are told of prophets and others giving warnings to a wayward Israel. Sometimes they listened and turned back to God...and other times they didn't. God blessed them when they did. Hundreds of biblical prophesies have undeniably come to pass and there are others still to be fulfilled. I truly believe that we are about to see those remaining prophecies played out in the not so distant future. And they aren't going to be pretty, in fact it will be downright dreadful. When God gave Daniel a prophesy of the end of times (click here to read a portion of it...please take the time to read it carefully), he got physically ill it disturbed him so greatly.

Hope isn't in Barak Hussain Obama, it is in our Great Sovereign God. I am doing my part to call for repentance for our nation. I may only reach a handful of people but at least I'll be able to stand before my God & say I did what I could. You can think I'm a crazy, intolerant, off-the-wall, right-winged can call me whatever you want. But I love my country and my God too much to not speak what He has put on my heart. Vote for McCain...he isn't perfect, he doesn't have all the answers...he will no doubt make mistakes. But at least he holds most closely to the values that the Word of God teaches and will lead this country toward continued freedom, security and Capitalism.

Bless GOD, America.
Please also take the time to read my good friends' blogs...Linn and Lori Anne

Candid Shots

I almost always have my camera on-hand for those impromptu photos that no photographer in a stuffy studio could ever capture. I just love, love, love candid shots that really tell a story or record on film a priceless expression. So when I put my latest pics onto my computer & took a quick view of them, I nearly had my coffee come out of my nose from laughing so hard when i saw this picture of Lucy....not realizing when I took it just how much detail it would show! I really debated about whether to put it out there for the world to see because she will no doubt be embarrassed beyond measure someday when (IF) she sees it! But, I will just have to delete it before that happens. Or who knows....this little funny tooty-fruity may just enjoy it as much as I did!

Lucy wearing my reading glasses (which are smashed up against her eyes)...and yes, that is a booger hanging out of her nose and broccoli in her teeth.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Take on Dalight Savings....

Next weekend Daylight Savings ends!!!! I can't tell you how giddy I get every fall when we get back that hour that was ruthlessly robbed from us back in the spring. That sweet hour added to my slumber is like a spa treatment to be savored or a decadent chocolate cake from the finest bakery or my cold hands wrapped around a Venti Latte' on a snowy winter day. Yes, it's that important to me. So you can understand why I all but throw a party over the whole ordeal every autumn....which leads me to my idea. Since we all enjoy the weekends so much, why not add an extra hour every weekend? Ok, ok...I know what you're thinking...that could never ever work, in the world do you think it could? Listen people, we can make it work. Better yet, wait until every Monday morning to roll the clock back. Go with me's 6:00 AM, the innocently evil alarm goes off, you use every ounce of energy to reach for snooze, but wait! At that very moment you get a present just like it was your birthday; you get to sleep a whole extra hour. Now doesn't' that sound just grand??

Ok all you intellectual thinkers...I do know that there are some kinks in my plan. I realize that eventually we would be eating our toast and eggs at 7:00 AM, just in time to see the sunset. Your turkey sandwich for lunch might coincide with a full moon.....afternoon tea and star gazing will, at some point, co-exist. But what's so wrong with that? Why are we so stuck on the tradition of stereo-typical times of day?? I say let's shake things up a bit. And remember, you would get an extra hour EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!! Or should we make it every day!! Hmm.

Dinner Party

I can remember not so long ago when we would go out to dinner and feed our family for a reasonable amount of clams (unless it was Red Lobster where we would eat the clams). Well what has happened here?? What happened to the days when my boys would share a kids' meal...and there would be leftovers? What happened to the days when one chicken finger (seriously, who thought of that name?? That's creepy...I have chickens & their "fingers" are disgusting) and two french fries would fill them up for a good three hours? And in light of the election...why aren't the candidates talking about tax credits for those of us taking out loans to finance teenage boys' appetites? Why isn't Wal Mart sending me thank-you notes regularly for ensuring their profitability each month? What's up with my 13 year old protesting Nabisko because of their insensitive neglect to make triple-stuffed Oreos (triple-stuffed?)?? **SIGH** This isn't just another rant from a desperate-housewife-blogger....this is ME. I need help. Now.

So here's my idea....send me your family-friendly recipes for meals that will leave my clan assuming that I spent hours in the exotic ingredients aisle at a specialty grocery store...meals that have only two ingredients (ok maybe three) but will convince my kin that I have somehow found the time to go to culinary school. Recipes that will open up a whole new world of ideas on brilliant ways to mix hamburger and macaroni.

Forget Rachael Ray, who needs Emeril, Betty Crocker?? Please. The best recipes are from real people with real families. Email me at your favorite go-to dinner ideas then I will share them with all of you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Forever Thankful for My Lucy!!!

Ok, Linn has once again given me something to think about...being thankful. I do tend to complain a bit...such as my hatred for cleaning the bathrooms, but I guess I justify it by realizing that the dirt and grime are part of the curse, which was caused by sin entering the world, right? So really I'm complaining about sin and that's ok. Are ya with me?? Ok, so that's a bit of a stretch...I certainly am thankful for having the ability to clean my bathrooms even though I use that ability as seldom as possible.

So here is my Top Ten list of things I'm thankful for on this Thursday:

1. Coffee (it's God's way of saying, "Girlfriend, here is a little something special I made to jumpstart your day!") Woot woot!!
2. Sweatshirts (particularily those that can disguise the fact that I'm not wearing a bra)
3. Computers (blogging by mail would be oh-so-frustrating...I think that's called a Round Robin which my Mom used to do with family members...she was a blogger way before it was super cool)
4. Hot showers (seriously now, this is huge for me when I consider the fact that there are women somewhere in the world bathing in a cold river...oh thank you Jesus for spoiling me with hot running water!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
5. Snail Mail (I kid you not, I go to the mailbox each day with giddy anticipation as if that million dollar check might finally be here!!)
6. Washer & Dryer (I really can't see myself with a washboard & a pile of dirty clothes...I just wouldn't do the laundry)
7. Freshly vacuumed carpet (the lines that remain give me a high like nothing else)
8. Pink fuzzy bath robe (putting it on at the end of the day always makes me squeal with delight...just ask my family, they roll their eyes everytime)
9. Glider rocking chair (which is where I get all cozy-like as I'm blogging, emailing, family calls it my "perch")
10. Pine & Bamboo Chinese Restaurant (our favorite place to eat's about 40 minutes from our house but worth the drive....and I'm craving it big time right at this very moment)

Ok, that's that. It really does boost your mood big time when you really focus on the wonderful blessings in your life. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Do YOU Listen To??

"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!" Ecc. 4:10

A few years ago I was asked to lead the service for the young ladies in our youth group. Well, I’m not much of a public speaker but because I love teenagers so much, I agreed. My good friend Angela & I ended up doing it together & I guess it turned out ok. We talked about relationships and how to be godly young women in a world that is screaming to be just the opposite. It was so heavy on my heart that these young girls really listen…not that I know it all but I do have a little wisdom tucked away that God has given me in my almost (gulp) 40 years. Sadly, some of those same girls that I cried and prayed with at the end of the service that night, have since ended up pregnant, one ran away from home…the list goes on. And though some of them I’m sure have stuck to their commitments that night, my heart aches for those who didn’t listen.

So really what that led me to think about in my own life is, who do I listen to? Just because I'm much older than a teenager (ok, not a lot older....**sigh**..yes, a lot older) doesn't mean I'm above falling into the enemy's trap. So do I surround myself with godly women who are mature in the Lord and know God’s Word? From that point on I really set out to do just that. I have several mentors that I truly trust. And though I would never replace what they say for what the Bible says, I do as the Bereans did and study the Word for myself to see if what they say is true.

I can easily say that I am so blessed to have both a mother and mother-in-law who serve as two of my mentors. Since I was a little girl my mom has had a servant's heart like no one else I know. She has taken so many “outcasts” under her wing to show Christ’s love. She has made so many friends in nursing homes; those whose families have all but abandoned them. She shows compassion that will no doubt end in great rewards in heaven for her. She also demonstrated before my sad eyes what a strong woman looks like in the midst of horrific tragedy when my father was suddenly killed in an accident, leaving her to raise three little girls. She held it together and I’m forever grateful for her perseverance.

My mom-in-law is wealth of knowledge when it comes to any Bible question I have. She knows more scripture than anyone I know. NEVER play Bible Trivia with her because, I’m sorry, you will lose! She knows the power of prayer and is always there when I need her.

Family members can be great mentors but really I think we desperately need those unbiased friends who can mentor us. Friends who not only encourage us but also come alongside us when we are off say, "hey girlfriend, that little attitude (or whatever) isn't all that Christ-like, ya know?" So here are my friendly mentors....

My friend LuAnn is one of those women to me. She has led several Bible studies that I have been a part of and has shared some very raw parts of her life that really helped me grow in the Lord. Rarely have I had a conversation with her that she hasn’t weaved Scripture in what she says and leaves me feeling refreshed and sometimes even convicted (that’s a good thing).

My neighbor Carla is also a mentor to me. I see her about once a month and I hang on her every word. Her gentle spirit and love for the Lord is nothing short of contagious and I could chat with her for hours soaking up her wisdom.

I have a client, Maryanne, (actually I don’t do hair anymore so I rarely see her) who is in her 70’s and I simply adore her. She has served the Lord her whole life with such integrity and joy. She has story after story of God’s healing, provision and grace. And though her advanced years show on her face and stature, I truly think she is one of the most beautiful women I know.

My friend Angela is a lot younger than me (I try not to hold that against her) but is wise beyond her years. We bounce ideas off each other constantly and share visions of anything church related. She is a prayer warrior and I value her opinions. We are best buddies for sure.

And most recently is my friend Linn. She is so much fun! There are some sour-puss Christians who could learn a lot from hip chick! She also has such sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that when she speaks, I listen. And when God says, jump, she says 'how high & what can I do for You while I’m up there?' She is one of those people that you always want to be around because she makes you feel so great and you just know God‘s blessing is on her.

Lastly, I think that there are a few people on the national level whose opinions I value…Dr. Dobson, Billy Graham, Greg Laurie, Beth Moore…oh the list goes on and on. And though I’m an ultra-conservative, I don’t listen a lot to Rush & those like him because I really want a BIBLICAL perspective. I value those who have Christ’s discernment and leadership.

So there you go. I hope that inspires you in some way. If you don’t have a mentor or two or ten, go find one…one who seeks Christ daily.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Name's Sake and Tagged...Again!

Ok, real quick (why am I starting to think that I must post every detail of my day to you all?? So sorry!)....But I got the nicest email from one of my fellow Journey to Me bloggers & she told me that her daughter got a new doll & named her Lucy Joy! Isn't that the sweetest thing ever! Oh golly I just love this close knit adoption community.

AND...I was tagged again! Wow...don't I feel like the popular girl at school! One of my all time favorite bloggers Elissa tagged me. Seriously, check out her blog she's a hoot & her Lily is such a little cupcake!

Since I've been sitting on my bee-hind way too much today I'm not going to take the time to write 7 more things about me (lucky you!). I still need to tag others though...I will get on it.

Hodge Podge

There is good and bad about vacation coming to an end. The good, is coming home. The bad....well is coming home. **sigh** Honestly, I am the most disorganized person there is. I have about ten things going at any given moment and it's not by choice. I even prayed this morning that God would take one spinning-out-of-control plate from me or give me the grace to handle it more efficiently. And that would be the bookkeeping of my husband's business. Please...can you imagine me being responsible for keeping numbers straight and accounts balanced? My CPA must think I am insane I'm sure. So anyway, I will stop yammering on...(when what I should be doing is balancing my checkbook but I stopped pursuing that because I can't find my check I'm blogging instead!) Here are a few pics that I will share so you can see some eclectic moments in the last 24 hours...

Lucy checking on the baby chicks! And no she doesn't have any pants on...don't ask. Just country livin' I reckon.

Lucy and her fancy scooter skills...again, no pants.
Is this not the sexiest man on a little girl scooter that you have ever seen?? Back off girls, he's all mine.
Lucy loves for us to play blocks with her...only problem is, anything we build she quickly knocks down. So when she went to bed last night, Nick was quick to make his very own complete structure. I really felt it was blog-worthy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

Ok, I've been tagged...TWICE!! First by my good blogger friend Jean then again by my friend Linn! This is too much fun! So apparently I have to tell 7 things about me so here goes...

1. I love Jesus SO MUCH!! He has given me peace in my heart, hope for my future & and most of all, forgiveness of my sins! I have a secured place in heaven & an abudant life here on earth! What else could a person ask for??

2. I love my family...there are 5 of us (so far)! Me, hubby, 2 homegrown boys & 1 adorable cutie pie adopted from China. We have a blast together & my very favorite thing to do is hang out with them!

3. I am addicted to blogging. There, I said it. Twelve steps? No I don't think so...I'm enjoying this too much to recover from it!

4. I hate to clean my bathrooms. HATE IT!!! I wish I could pay someone to do it for me...ok, I guess that I could it's just that I could never justify it, nor would my hubby ever let me! So don't come over right now to use the potty!! But, I actually like doing the laundry, even folding it. But I hate putting it away, which would explain the numerous stacks in my bedroom waiting for me.

5. I really loathe cooking....I mean, I like it when I'm motivated by hunger and have a really good meal idea planned but other than that, it is a chore I'd just assume not do, ya know?

6. Ok, after the last couple things about me (sad that I can't think of anything more interesting about me, huh?)...would you believe that I took Home Ec all through high school AND was the VP of FHA (Future Homemakers of America)!! My good, good friend Lori Anne was the President. You would think I would be very Martha Stewart-ish at this point (ok, not the insider-trading-prison-Martha Stewart but the make-a-yummy-cake-out-of-a-box-of-tissues Martha). But umm no, not so much.

7. I have the weirdest hair God gave to womankind. Seriously. It is curly/wavy...meaning, it's not curly enough to be cute-curly but too curly to be just wavy. It hates humidity and protests at the least hint of it. It LOVES the dry Colorado mountain air so it's quite possible that that is a sign from God that we need to move there. I'm serious. I also believe that God gave me the talent & ability to be a hairstylist primarily just control my own mane.

Ok, I'm going against the "rules" and not tagging anyone else for now....

And on that note....I have access to see "who" (no names or email addresses...just your approximate location..haha, sneaky huh?) is following my blog. I get about 100 hits a day, which a portion are my mother (love ya Mom!) and my friend Angela has admitted to being maybe 60% (ha! not really) and I know of a few other of my friends & family here in town but who else is out there??? Leave me a comment! I want to know a little something about my lurkers! Fun, fun!

**If you don't have an account set up go here & DO IT!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Sad Loss

As we were preparing to travel to China, I had a list a mile long of "things to buy" (I love to-buy lists!) and one of the things on my list was sunglasses for Lucy. Well, literally days before we left I realized that I hadn't bought any yet. Teetering on whether it was all that important, I couldn't shake the desire to see my new little darling in some fun shades. So, I made a trip to Kohl's specifically for the specs. I just knew that the big round hot pink ones were perfect for my gal's personality....even though I had yet to meet her, I just knew. Turned out I was sooo right and everyone who knows her would agree that they fit her personality to a T! They have developed scratches & layers of grimy fingerprints but no matter, Lucy still loved them dearly. Well....I knew it was coming.....and sure enough, they're gone. We retraced our steps (it was a family forum of sorts figuring out the mystery of the missing glasses), and concluded that they were left at the Durango McDonald's. We had stopped in for a quick breakfast before church...Lucy was playing with them & accidentally knocked them on the floor in a hard-to-reach place under the seat. Well, Nick noticed but before he could reach to get them, I arrived at the table with our food & he quickly forgot about them (he's a teenager...when he sees food, nothing else matters). We left and that was that. We went back later in the week (twice!) to look for them & check "lost and found". Nope. Nada. Thankfully Lucy hasn't been too upset but this sentimental Mama is pretty sad because I really would have loved to hang on to them forever. :(

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Things are simply crazy around here today as I try to recover from our trip. My house is a huge mess...with laundry strewn about, dirty dishes everywhere & stacks of mail begging for attention. It resembles a frat house more than my home. But here I sit, blogging. Well, I just had to share these pics of Lucy spoon-feeding Charlie our Pomeranian (which I've concluded isn't a dog, but half-chicken & half-cat) only adding to the chaos here today.

Finally Home!

As I’m typing this we are driving, driving, driving the long haul home. And though I’m super sad to be leaving my favorite state, and my great friend Linn, I can’t wait to get home to my own bed, and to my electric toothbrush that I decided not to bring (ok I did bring a toothbrush, just not the cumbersome one!), and mostly I’m excited to be in living quarters that are larger than super small x tiny. But oh what a good last night we had in Colorado….

We went to Dwight & Linn’s for a bonfire & roasted hotdogs and smores! So, so yummy! And it was such a gorgeous night as the sun went down, mountains all around and the full moon shone brightly with stars sprinkled all over the clear sky. And to boot, we were having such fun with our new special friends.

Who needs to follow Brad & Angelina when there's THIS couple!
Several times I foiled Linn's plan to keep Lucy...

Dw telling Lucy a story...
Not sure what happened here but Liberty looks upset & Isaiah appears to be apologizing!

A quaint little town where family trees don't fork...Linn's sister & brother-in-law/brother live there! :)

Ok fast forward at bit…we got home at 2 AM! I hate that! But, now that it’s over, I’m so glad we drove all the way through and that I’m home in my semi-(ok very) messy house! I have a ginormous mug of coffee to bring me back to life and then I’ll be good to go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Pics

There is a pasture right next to our campsite & Lucy loves the horses!

Lucy discovered the sunroof (don't worry, we were parked!)
Oh the Colorado Aspens in October...

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