Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here I am, thankful as ever that it's Thursday and that tomorrow is Friday!! But yes, I have a whole host of other things to be thankful for as well. Here are ten of them.....

1. Husband. My sweet, romantic man brought me flowers last week!!! Whether he gives me a dozen roses or a bunch of daisies...I love them the same!

2. Slippers. Nothing like my warm worn-out pink slippers to welcome my tootsies every morning to walk me to my coffee maker.

3. Flowers. I love that my hydrangea was able to hang on until Tuesday when it finally met up with the frosties over night! :( The blooms were blue all summer until this pretty-in-pink one showed up suddenly!

4. Angela...I'm so thankful that my sweet friend finally got text messaging on her phone! Now if she would just get a blog! (Truth be told, we both like this pic so I just wanted another excuse to post it!)

5. No-Bake Cookies...Ever so easy to throw together at 9:00 PM when hungry teenage boys need something sweet to eat.

6. My Driveway...Yes, I'm very thankful for my driveway that no matter what season, it makes for a gorgeous walk to my mailbox!

7. Plentiful Food Supply...I'm extremely thankful for the full cabinets, refrigerator & freezers full of food.

8. Flat Iron...One of man's greatest inventions to keep my hair from hurting those around me.

9. Coffee Maker...That has a timer on it that I only recently began to utilize. The thrill of walking into my kitchen at way-too-early o'clock in the morning & seeing my coffee waiting for me is oh-so-eye-opening!

10. Toothpaste...No explanation necessary I assume...what's not love about being able to have a minty-clean-n-fresh mouth several times a day!

11. Followers...Ok, I'm adding an unheard of 11th item to a top-ten list...but I simply must acknowledge that I am now in the double-digits in the number of followers I have! Ok, this is a meager amount compared to others but I'm thankful for each and everyone of mine! Wanna join the pack?

Though a person can never be too thankful for all blessings big and can, in fact, spend entirely too much time reporting about them on her is blogging-run-a-muck. I vow to never again devote half my day to taking pictures of my various thankful items & posting them to my blog (I will just have to learn to do it in under and hour).


Mom Of Many said...

So happy to see Thankful Thursday on your blog! I love the mug shot...looks familiar...and believe it or not, I had written about the long driveway on mine today, but changed it just as I was about to post it...Crazy!

Lori Anne said...

Great list! You certainly have much to be thankful for. Love the list!

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