Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finally Home!

As I’m typing this we are driving, driving, driving the long haul home. And though I’m super sad to be leaving my favorite state, and my great friend Linn, I can’t wait to get home to my own bed, and to my electric toothbrush that I decided not to bring (ok I did bring a toothbrush, just not the cumbersome one!), and mostly I’m excited to be in living quarters that are larger than super small x tiny. But oh what a good last night we had in Colorado….

We went to Dwight & Linn’s for a bonfire & roasted hotdogs and smores! So, so yummy! And it was such a gorgeous night as the sun went down, mountains all around and the full moon shone brightly with stars sprinkled all over the clear sky. And to boot, we were having such fun with our new special friends.

Who needs to follow Brad & Angelina when there's THIS couple!
Several times I foiled Linn's plan to keep Lucy...

Dw telling Lucy a story...
Not sure what happened here but Liberty looks upset & Isaiah appears to be apologizing!

A quaint little town where family trees don't fork...Linn's sister & brother-in-law/brother live there! :)

Ok fast forward at bit…we got home at 2 AM! I hate that! But, now that it’s over, I’m so glad we drove all the way through and that I’m home in my semi-(ok very) messy house! I have a ginormous mug of coffee to bring me back to life and then I’ll be good to go.


Mom Of Many said...

Now shame on youse guys - don't go gettin' yerself all high falutin amd mighty on us...just cuz me brother fell in love with ours sister and married over in them that thar Simila!! Them 3 eyed kids - they are handy to be used in da mall security system as they truly do have their eyez in the back of them thar heads.

Jean said...

You better not let Lucy near us or you will go home empty handed! I might just steal those big boys of yours, too! I have a few of those myself and I really love 'em!

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