Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hodge Podge

There is good and bad about vacation coming to an end. The good, is coming home. The bad....well is coming home. **sigh** Honestly, I am the most disorganized person there is. I have about ten things going at any given moment and it's not by choice. I even prayed this morning that God would take one spinning-out-of-control plate from me or give me the grace to handle it more efficiently. And that would be the bookkeeping of my husband's business. Please...can you imagine me being responsible for keeping numbers straight and accounts balanced? My CPA must think I am insane I'm sure. So anyway, I will stop yammering on...(when what I should be doing is balancing my checkbook but I stopped pursuing that because I can't find my check register...so I'm blogging instead!) Here are a few pics that I will share so you can see some eclectic moments in the last 24 hours...

Lucy checking on the baby chicks! And no she doesn't have any pants on...don't ask. Just country livin' I reckon.

Lucy and her fancy scooter skills...again, no pants.
Is this not the sexiest man on a little girl scooter that you have ever seen?? Back off girls, he's all mine.
Lucy loves for us to play blocks with her...only problem is, anything we build she quickly knocks down. So when she went to bed last night, Nick was quick to make his very own complete structure. I really felt it was blog-worthy.

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Elissa said...

Ok, I don't feel so bad now-- Lily's favorite thing lately is to walk around with no shirt on :)

I tagged you on my blog but I see you've already made a list! You're so popular :)

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