Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Do YOU Listen To??

"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!" Ecc. 4:10

A few years ago I was asked to lead the service for the young ladies in our youth group. Well, I’m not much of a public speaker but because I love teenagers so much, I agreed. My good friend Angela & I ended up doing it together & I guess it turned out ok. We talked about relationships and how to be godly young women in a world that is screaming to be just the opposite. It was so heavy on my heart that these young girls really listen…not that I know it all but I do have a little wisdom tucked away that God has given me in my almost (gulp) 40 years. Sadly, some of those same girls that I cried and prayed with at the end of the service that night, have since ended up pregnant, one ran away from home…the list goes on. And though some of them I’m sure have stuck to their commitments that night, my heart aches for those who didn’t listen.

So really what that led me to think about in my own life is, who do I listen to? Just because I'm much older than a teenager (ok, not a lot older....**sigh**..yes, a lot older) doesn't mean I'm above falling into the enemy's trap. So do I surround myself with godly women who are mature in the Lord and know God’s Word? From that point on I really set out to do just that. I have several mentors that I truly trust. And though I would never replace what they say for what the Bible says, I do as the Bereans did and study the Word for myself to see if what they say is true.

I can easily say that I am so blessed to have both a mother and mother-in-law who serve as two of my mentors. Since I was a little girl my mom has had a servant's heart like no one else I know. She has taken so many “outcasts” under her wing to show Christ’s love. She has made so many friends in nursing homes; those whose families have all but abandoned them. She shows compassion that will no doubt end in great rewards in heaven for her. She also demonstrated before my sad eyes what a strong woman looks like in the midst of horrific tragedy when my father was suddenly killed in an accident, leaving her to raise three little girls. She held it together and I’m forever grateful for her perseverance.

My mom-in-law is wealth of knowledge when it comes to any Bible question I have. She knows more scripture than anyone I know. NEVER play Bible Trivia with her because, I’m sorry, you will lose! She knows the power of prayer and is always there when I need her.

Family members can be great mentors but really I think we desperately need those unbiased friends who can mentor us. Friends who not only encourage us but also come alongside us when we are off say, "hey girlfriend, that little attitude (or whatever) isn't all that Christ-like, ya know?" So here are my friendly mentors....

My friend LuAnn is one of those women to me. She has led several Bible studies that I have been a part of and has shared some very raw parts of her life that really helped me grow in the Lord. Rarely have I had a conversation with her that she hasn’t weaved Scripture in what she says and leaves me feeling refreshed and sometimes even convicted (that’s a good thing).

My neighbor Carla is also a mentor to me. I see her about once a month and I hang on her every word. Her gentle spirit and love for the Lord is nothing short of contagious and I could chat with her for hours soaking up her wisdom.

I have a client, Maryanne, (actually I don’t do hair anymore so I rarely see her) who is in her 70’s and I simply adore her. She has served the Lord her whole life with such integrity and joy. She has story after story of God’s healing, provision and grace. And though her advanced years show on her face and stature, I truly think she is one of the most beautiful women I know.

My friend Angela is a lot younger than me (I try not to hold that against her) but is wise beyond her years. We bounce ideas off each other constantly and share visions of anything church related. She is a prayer warrior and I value her opinions. We are best buddies for sure.

And most recently is my friend Linn. She is so much fun! There are some sour-puss Christians who could learn a lot from hip chick! She also has such sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that when she speaks, I listen. And when God says, jump, she says 'how high & what can I do for You while I’m up there?' She is one of those people that you always want to be around because she makes you feel so great and you just know God‘s blessing is on her.

Lastly, I think that there are a few people on the national level whose opinions I value…Dr. Dobson, Billy Graham, Greg Laurie, Beth Moore…oh the list goes on and on. And though I’m an ultra-conservative, I don’t listen a lot to Rush & those like him because I really want a BIBLICAL perspective. I value those who have Christ’s discernment and leadership.

So there you go. I hope that inspires you in some way. If you don’t have a mentor or two or ten, go find one…one who seeks Christ daily.


Jean said...

I love your post-makes me think of my mentors- they are not consistent in my life but they have entered and left. They have showed me our dear Lord- for that I am grateful. I would love to have a new mentor- you and Linn just may be IT!

Mom Of Many said...

I am humbled by your kind words. Just this morning I was sitting here in this hotel room marveling at how the Lord used the internet to connect our lives, our families and our hearts. You have become a treasured friend - thank you! How I praise the Lord for hearing my hearts cry to allow me to connect with people who are like-hearted! Love you sweet friend!!

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