Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crumb Cake

Yesterday afternoon I had to take the boys to basketball practice in two completely different (yet side by side) towns. After I got them both dropped off, I was on my own...Lucy stayed home with Kel (suddenly she's "daddy's girl"...whatever). I decided to go to a new grocery store....well, not new, just not one I normally go to...

You know that lady (we've all seen her) that is wandering around the parking lot, pushing her shopping cart full of groceries, obvious to everyone that she can't find her car, yet is trying to look as if she knows what she's doing? Yeah, that was me in this store. I didn't know where anything was. Don't you just hate that? But I was trying to look as if I was just lapping the place for my good health. Playin' it cool. But as I paced back and forth I was a little excited to discover things that my "usual" store doesn't carry. Good times.

As I was going through the produce section (the first time), a very nice young man stocking the lettuce greeted me & said a big friendly "hello". Well, that was nice. I went about my business of trying to figure out what I would buy for dinner....finding some "chicken grillers" in the fresh meat, those look yummy. But darn, K hates chicken breasts...but look, they're wrapped in bacon & stuffed with cheese! Surely that will please him, he'd eat his own shoe if it was wrapped in bacon. Besides, he needs more chicken and less beef. I'll take four, please.

I then decided I would add a nice loaf of fresh bread to our dinner and went to the bakery, again passing produce guy. Got my bread then went in search of some rice. Found the rice, guessed it, PG (produce guy). Then I thought, hey, why not a salad for dinner too? I suddenly felt really paranoid to yet again, pass he's going to think I'm flirting with him. So I look at the bagged I really need to pay the 1500% mark up for someone else to cut up my lettuce? (Note to self: start bagged-salad company with only 1000% mark-up...crushing the competition, yet still making a cool mint)

No, I will swallow my pride and head back towards PG...I know he's seen me each time but come on, my family needs a vegetable for dinner. I almost reach my leafy destination and suddenly, PG's friends stop by and stand right smack in front of all the lettuce!! Well at this point I can't bring attention to myself by asking them to 'excuse me' I circle around again. I head aimlessly across the store....oh look! (I'm easily distracted) There's a delicious cream cheese-filled coffee crumb cake that I have been dreaming about for weeks! Yes! I'll take back to my salad situation. I sneak up to see if the coast is clear. Great! Friends are gone...but darn, PG is still there. Ok, what's wrong with you, I asked myself...who's in charge here? I muster up some confidence and dart right towards him. Standing in front of the large selection I see the Romaine, which is what I want....but that is what PG is stocking!! If I lean over to get will that look? Seriously dude, I'm not interested in you. I could be your adoptive mother for cryin' out loud. I compromise and grab a head of leaf lettuce and get the heck out of Dodge.

So now with the store and PG disappearing in my rear-view window, I then headed to get a much needed cup of'm feeling edgy, I'm getting a Mocha. That's right. Then suddenly I remember the crumb cake that is resting quietly behind my seat. Well wouldn't that go nicely with my way-too-expensive coffee drink? Sure would. So I break out the cake and....nothing to cut it with...what to do? My van is loaded with everything you can imagine...there is probably an entire cutlery set somewhere in this chaotic mess...but all I could come up with was a hair barret. Yes, I cut me a generous piece of cake with a hair clip thingy. Where there's a will there's a way. Enjoying my afternoon delight, I give a quick glance in the mirror and see, along with the just-arrived powdered sugar on my lips, toothpaste was smeared on my way-too-thin-lips...ahhh! PG must have desperately wanted to tell me with each passing that I looked ridiculous. **sigh** Oh well, at least my hair looked unusually fantastic.

Sorry, no pics today but I will tell you a cute little Lucy-ism....when she goes to the potty on the potty (which is rare, because she fully enjoys the convenience of these great American diapers), she conveniently calls the whole sha-bang, Peep.....Poop+Pee=Peep. "Mama, I went peep!" Brilliant!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Oh I just feel awful!! My sweet husband told me recently that with my new blog background my posts were hard to read. Well, as I mistakenly often do, I ignored him (oops!). THEN my sweet blogger friend Paula sent me an email telling me the same thing...YIKES! I feel bad...and I should have listened to hubby in the first place (he will confirm that when he reads this later).

PLEASE let me know if the lighter letters are easier to read...or maybe I should change the background again. ??? Tell me your thoughts!!

**Sorry for causing any eye strains or your need to run to the drug store for cheap reading glasses!!!

Zero-Mess Playdough, I Promise!

Aaahh, this morning is the first morning since Friday that I have woke up feeling great! I have been feeling better but the mornings have been really difficult...I've been very nauseated. I know what you are me, I thought of it too. No, I don't think I'm pregnant!! But wouldn't that be a hoot! No, not really....not a hoot at all. God has a great sense of humor but I think He knows I wouldn't be laughing too hard.

My newest blogger friend Patty told me about some Youtube videos of Shu Li's orphanage in Luoyang. We watched several of them but didn't see her (at least we didn't recognize her). There are a lot more that we haven't watched yet so I'm hoping to see her and I will give you all the link. Actually, when I get the time I will link you there anyway cause you gotta see all these great kids. Oh my goodness, I know little babies are the most "desirable" but PLEASE open your heart to an older child....they need and want families. I just don't understand why Ch*na doesn't have more of these kids paper-ready & loosen the restrictions (actually the restrictions are compromised for the older kids)...please pray because we have a BIG God who can soften hearts & change minds.

I really need to schedule another home visit with my social worker because I need a little fire lit under me to get my house clean again. Or maybe I will put a "For Sale" sign out front. Nothing like nosey home buyers snooping around your closets to get that dust rag movin'.

Well, that's all for now...I will see what pics I have to post for you since they make every blog post just so much darn fun....

Lucy and Beary....Lucy shamelessly solicited this photo. And as soon as she can work the camera, you will be seeing some shameless solicited photos of me.

This Mama of three has figured out the correct way to play with playdough! Poor Lucy doesn't have a clue what's inside. (Yes, I will eventually let her in on the secret)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Great News...and Another Older Child Needs a Family

Yippee! We got pre-approval from Ch*na today!! That was super fast...let's pray that everything else goes as smoothly. I have to admit that I was a little worried since we have only been home with Lucy for six months...the requirements are that you must wait a year, however they apparently are making an exception. I'm so excited!!

But as I'm celebrating, I just got an email saying there is another 13 year old girl about to age-out (very, very soon). Oh my heart is breaking for her...I don't think people realize that if these kids don't get adopted they are often branded a social outcast for being an orphan and many of them just stay at the orphanages to work as adults. Please, please, if anyone already has a dossier in China, consider this sweet girl. Here is the info I received:

"I just got a letter from a staff member at the Shantou orphanage. There is a young girl on the shared waiting child adoption list named Fu Chang. Shewill turn 14 in three weeks and still has not found a family, so her chance of adoption is almost over. Chang is an extremely sweet and gentle girl, and she has watched all of her friends in the orphanage find families.The orphanage said she is "heart struck" that no one has stepped forward forher to become their daughter. She wants a family so very much. The orphanage has agreed to waive the $5000 adoption fee if a family can befound for her. If you know anyone who has a dossier in China who is opento an older child adoption, please let them know that the orphanage fee willbe waived. Still praying for a miracle for her."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling Better & Adoption Update

I signed Lucy up for dance class that starts Jan. 12. So I bought her this little outfit for Christmas so she can get used to it. I wasn't sure if she would even agree to put it on (she's a little like her Mama) but wow, did she come alive when we convinced her to give it a try!

My mom bought this little cabinet at a thrift store a few months ago & I decided to turn it into a little kitchen for Lucy.....
Now don't laugh, I know it's not exactly professional looking but I put this together on Christmas Eve day and it only cost me about $10 to do!! Sure beats those store-bought kitchens for over $100 anyday!

Well, I'm feeling much better but that just means I gotta get off my bee-hind and make up for lost time. Though my sweet hubby was super great at stuffing himself into my shoes & taking over for a while, there are just some things that only Mom can get done.

In adoption news....we heard from our agency that our pre-approval papers were FINALLY sent to the CCA* and since it was done online, we hope to get pre-approval within a week or so. That will be a huge relief! We are also at the tail end of our homestudy!! That will hopefully be completed within a couple of weeks then we get to send it to USCIS & wait forever and a day for them to do their thing. We are told it could take anywhere from six weeks to 4 months!! AAHHH!!! BUT, we are hoping to get the help of one of our state Senators who is an adoptive parent and advocate, to help move things along more quickly since time is essential in our situation.

AND...we are in contact with a guy in Ch*na who is going to go visit Lucy's foster mother for us and gather any information and pictures she has of Lucy's first two years of life. I am just so excited and can't wait to receive his package in the mail...though it may take a while.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feelin' Icky

Hello everyone.....just in case you were wondering if I got put away along with my Christmas decorations, nope, I'm still here but really under the weather (but yes, my decorations & tree were put away, as my tradition has it, the day after Christmas). As for me, I have a cramping stomach/headache thing going on. My sweet husband is taking good care of me, waiting on me (I'm really liking that part). So I will post something riveting after I get back to "normal".

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

After our Christmas morning together we headed off to K's parents' house. It was a great time of Mexican food and presents galore!

I must say that as much fun as Lucy had at all our celebrations, when we got home this evening it was quite obvious that she had had enough. She still gets overwhelmed easily and I think we over did it. She was literally on the floor in an all-out tantrum...even spitting, which she hasn't done since we first got her. We immediately knew that all the stimulation of the past 24 hours was way too much for her. I told K that we needed to turn off all the music & TV's, pick up all the toys & clear things out a bit. I prayed over her as I was getting some noodles going on the stove, which is her favorite food and comforting to her (like a cheeseburger and milk shake is for me). She almost instantly calmed down. Whew. It's sometimes so easy to forget that she is still learning her new world and that attachment is still in progress.

Lucy got this adorable wooden ironing board, which will launch her own Chinese laundry original!

Lucy's new puppy! (The best kind there is!)

Nick and my nephew's baby! Isn't he adorable!!!
Lucy adores him to pieces!

Speaking of noodles, since they are the main staple that Lucy lives on, I am always trying to sneak in some vegetables and meat of some sort. Well, she usually just picks it all out, sets it aside and digs into the noodles. So then I got the brilliant idea that I would buy some tofu and try that! Well, voila! THIS time she picked out the tofu and just ate that!! Then asked for more!! Yippee!!! I told K & explained (he is tofu ignorant) that it is really healthy & that it takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with. To which he says, "Great! Cook me some with a hotdog!" **sigh**

Christmas Morning

I must tell you that Christmas morning is my very favorite time of the year. I am like a little kid all over again! I am always up WAY earlier than everyone else, practically poking at my sleeping loved ones to get them to wake up so we can start the fun!!

In order to save myself some ridicule from my family who will hound me mercilessly if they catch me blogging on Christmas morning, I am just going to post a few (ok dozens) of pictures for now! Shhh! I'll be back later, I promise!

B gets the prize for getting up before N & Lu!

Merry Christmas!!! (and just so you know, I didn't avoid the ridicule of blogging this morning...they caught me.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

First let me tell you that my final trip to WM was semi-successful. For some reason I chose only to take several glances at my list firmly crumpled in my hand. Glances...why, why, why didn't I LOOK at it carefully...perhaps cross off each item as I went?? Why...because that would be too easy...that would end in a completely successful trip and that's just not how I do things. No I didn't forget any some ways it's worse....I forgot some of the ingredients that I need for my casserole I'm taking to my in-law's tomorrow. Here's what I needed, it's quite simple you see....frozen spinach, sour cream and monterey jack cheese. I refused to go back. I will improvise. I will use the freezer burnt spinach that I have been ignoring in my deep-freeze, the 3/4 full container of sour cream that is in the fridge, and whatever cheese I can find. We shall see.

And now for our Christmas eve....

We always go to my parents' house and it is always present-filled and usually some interestingly twisted happenings going on...don't even ask about last year. But you will see from the pics that this year ended in some furniture moving...what better time to do this than on the day we celebrate our Savior's birth?

First, some afternoon tea...

Now the really good part...presents!!

Nick just unwrapped the best present ever...3 private golf lessons with the pro at a very exclusive country club in our have no idea how excited this kid is! THANKS AUNT ROBIN!!!

Papa makes sure Nick realizes just how great this gift is...and how jealous he is that he didn't get it!!

Brenden in his perpetual texting mode (hmmm, could it be a sweet someone in CO? Yep!)
At the end of the evening, Lucy was playing with the oranges from her stocking more than anything else! (and doesn't K look a little beat?)

Nothing says Merry Christmas like moving an entertainment center!

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