Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

After our Christmas morning together we headed off to K's parents' house. It was a great time of Mexican food and presents galore!

I must say that as much fun as Lucy had at all our celebrations, when we got home this evening it was quite obvious that she had had enough. She still gets overwhelmed easily and I think we over did it. She was literally on the floor in an all-out tantrum...even spitting, which she hasn't done since we first got her. We immediately knew that all the stimulation of the past 24 hours was way too much for her. I told K that we needed to turn off all the music & TV's, pick up all the toys & clear things out a bit. I prayed over her as I was getting some noodles going on the stove, which is her favorite food and comforting to her (like a cheeseburger and milk shake is for me). She almost instantly calmed down. Whew. It's sometimes so easy to forget that she is still learning her new world and that attachment is still in progress.

Lucy got this adorable wooden ironing board, which will launch her own Chinese laundry original!

Lucy's new puppy! (The best kind there is!)

Nick and my nephew's baby! Isn't he adorable!!!
Lucy adores him to pieces!

Speaking of noodles, since they are the main staple that Lucy lives on, I am always trying to sneak in some vegetables and meat of some sort. Well, she usually just picks it all out, sets it aside and digs into the noodles. So then I got the brilliant idea that I would buy some tofu and try that! Well, voila! THIS time she picked out the tofu and just ate that!! Then asked for more!! Yippee!!! I told K & explained (he is tofu ignorant) that it is really healthy & that it takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with. To which he says, "Great! Cook me some with a hotdog!" **sigh**


Lisa said...

It looks like you had a fun filled Christmas. I bet Lucy is exhausted. Your blog always makes me smile.

Someone got a blog makeover recently????? I love the new colors. I tried to start a blog page and it is not working.

Lisa from Ohio

Mom Of Many said...

Love Lucy's kitchen....we definitely need one of those for Little Miss Elizabeth - her birthday's next week!!

Looks like a great day! Heard you already took your tree down - please tell me that is not so?? And if it is - whose idea - yours or the K-man??

We have had our tree up -some years - until the end of January....LOL...

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