Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Oh I just feel awful!! My sweet husband told me recently that with my new blog background my posts were hard to read. Well, as I mistakenly often do, I ignored him (oops!). THEN my sweet blogger friend Paula sent me an email telling me the same thing...YIKES! I feel bad...and I should have listened to hubby in the first place (he will confirm that when he reads this later).

PLEASE let me know if the lighter letters are easier to read...or maybe I should change the background again. ??? Tell me your thoughts!!

**Sorry for causing any eye strains or your need to run to the drug store for cheap reading glasses!!!


Lisa said...

The words are lighter than they were before actually.

I would still strain my eyes to read your blog though. Ha Ha

Lisa from Ohio

Nancy said...

I'm thinking OMG I can't read a thing...then the background filled in. Honestly, I liked your old blog better. This one seems too busy. Doesn't matter, though, I will continue to read and read and read your blog. Yours is still the first one I log on to when I wake up.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Looks fine to me. However, you need to change your email address to a lighter color. I could barely read it. Had to hold it up in a certain light and angle. You are making me older than I am!!!

The Bachville Times said...


It was a bit hard to read but very pretty to look at overall. It didn't keep me from enjoying your wonderful posts.

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