Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling Better & Adoption Update

I signed Lucy up for dance class that starts Jan. 12. So I bought her this little outfit for Christmas so she can get used to it. I wasn't sure if she would even agree to put it on (she's a little like her Mama) but wow, did she come alive when we convinced her to give it a try!

My mom bought this little cabinet at a thrift store a few months ago & I decided to turn it into a little kitchen for Lucy.....
Now don't laugh, I know it's not exactly professional looking but I put this together on Christmas Eve day and it only cost me about $10 to do!! Sure beats those store-bought kitchens for over $100 anyday!

Well, I'm feeling much better but that just means I gotta get off my bee-hind and make up for lost time. Though my sweet hubby was super great at stuffing himself into my shoes & taking over for a while, there are just some things that only Mom can get done.

In adoption news....we heard from our agency that our pre-approval papers were FINALLY sent to the CCA* and since it was done online, we hope to get pre-approval within a week or so. That will be a huge relief! We are also at the tail end of our homestudy!! That will hopefully be completed within a couple of weeks then we get to send it to USCIS & wait forever and a day for them to do their thing. We are told it could take anywhere from six weeks to 4 months!! AAHHH!!! BUT, we are hoping to get the help of one of our state Senators who is an adoptive parent and advocate, to help move things along more quickly since time is essential in our situation.

AND...we are in contact with a guy in Ch*na who is going to go visit Lucy's foster mother for us and gather any information and pictures she has of Lucy's first two years of life. I am just so excited and can't wait to receive his package in the mail...though it may take a while.


Nancy said...

Love Lucy's kitchen. BTW what happened to the 12 days of Christmas? Just wondering.

Lori Anne said...

Those dancing pics are precious. And the kitchen looks super! $10 - you cannot beat that. Glad you're feeling better & the adoption process is moving along nicely. Hugs to you.

Holly said...

I am so happy you are better! Too many people are sick lately! Lucy is a little doll in that outfit. I can't wait to have a little girl. :) I am so stealing your kitchen idea!

Lynsay said...

What a relief to have you back! Whew, I was missing my daily Lori fix!

I am getting ready to send you an email, you will laugh, just wait.

Love you! So glad you are feeling better!!

The Bachville Times said...


The "kitchen" you painted for Lucy is darling - very creative.

Glad you are feeling better.


Carol said...

Lucy looks adorable in her little pink muffin costume and it looks like she knows the moves! Rock on! Glad you are up and about. Moms don't get much down time.



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