Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

First let me tell you that my final trip to WM was semi-successful. For some reason I chose only to take several glances at my list firmly crumpled in my hand. Glances...why, why, why didn't I LOOK at it carefully...perhaps cross off each item as I went?? Why...because that would be too easy...that would end in a completely successful trip and that's just not how I do things. No I didn't forget any some ways it's worse....I forgot some of the ingredients that I need for my casserole I'm taking to my in-law's tomorrow. Here's what I needed, it's quite simple you see....frozen spinach, sour cream and monterey jack cheese. I refused to go back. I will improvise. I will use the freezer burnt spinach that I have been ignoring in my deep-freeze, the 3/4 full container of sour cream that is in the fridge, and whatever cheese I can find. We shall see.

And now for our Christmas eve....

We always go to my parents' house and it is always present-filled and usually some interestingly twisted happenings going on...don't even ask about last year. But you will see from the pics that this year ended in some furniture moving...what better time to do this than on the day we celebrate our Savior's birth?

First, some afternoon tea...

Now the really good part...presents!!

Nick just unwrapped the best present ever...3 private golf lessons with the pro at a very exclusive country club in our have no idea how excited this kid is! THANKS AUNT ROBIN!!!

Papa makes sure Nick realizes just how great this gift is...and how jealous he is that he didn't get it!!

Brenden in his perpetual texting mode (hmmm, could it be a sweet someone in CO? Yep!)
At the end of the evening, Lucy was playing with the oranges from her stocking more than anything else! (and doesn't K look a little beat?)

Nothing says Merry Christmas like moving an entertainment center!


Carla said...

Merry Christmas, Lori!

Oh, your family looks like it had so much fun! Nothing like some joint heavy lifting to bond a family together, right? Enjoy today, and just think, next year, another little girl will be unwrapping gifts too!

Your blog has been an inspiration to me - and makes my husband & I think, do we have a daughter in China, too?? But for now, we are enjoying our 3 boys and their joy. Nothing wakes you up on Christmas morning like stepping on a stray Batman missle!

Blessing to you and your family - Now for a piece of fudge w/ my joe -it's Christmas, remember?!?


Anonymous said...

Aunt Robin got a full blown smile from Nick - proves it was the perfect gift! Too cute!
I bet the grandparents enjoy spoiling Lucy!

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