Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where's My Purse!?

You won't believe this....

Last night after dinner I made a detailed list of everything I needed at Wal M*rt. I was proud of my little list because I knew I had thought of everything this time...AND I was making the trek all by myself! No distractions, no loud children, no time restraints. I went to the closest store to our house, which is 20 minutes away. The weather was a bit frightful...our little country road was literally a sheet of ice (apparently the thousands of dollars we pay in property taxes just isn't quite enough to get the attention of a snow plow or salt/sand truck). No worries, I'm a pro at mini-van ice skating.

I safely arrived at my discount destination and even got a somewhat close parking spot. The planets were aligned and I was finally making progress. I turned the van off, reached for my purse and....and....whipped neck around 180 purse...where's my purse??? Please don't tell me the true answer...please. **huge sigh** No need to search high and low, I knew exactly where it was....cozy warm at home. AAAAHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! (I won't immediate thought was, this will make a great blog post!)

I called answer. Called answer (just my annoying shrill voice on the answering machine). Why doesn't my family answer the phone? What if I was in a ditch, dangling upside down with only 30 seconds of battery life left on my phone? Thankfully, for them, that wasn't the case...just in a parking lot with no ID, no money, no credit cards.

What happened to the days of Little House on the Prairie (which I happen to live very close to btw) where the Ingles just ran to The Mercantile and and charged their flour, salt, fabric and a candy for each of the kids to their account? Couldn't I just tell the cashier at WM to put it on my account? I'm good for it, I promise! I have oodles of credit...I pay my balance in full every month. No bother.

I finally reached my darling husband on his cell (yes, he was at home...just opted not to answer the land-line...probably knew there was bad news on the other end). He offered to bring me my purse but I knew that would cause a big rumble with Lucy (he didn't have a car seat to bring her with him), so I just said, "Nope. It's getting late, I'll just come back tomorrow."

So now it's tomorrow...we got a couple more inches of snow & I MUST GO at some point today. The saga continues....stay tuned, surely this will end with something else interesting happening (I'll probably end up in WM jail for holiday rage...plowing into some annoyingly slow person in aisle 5....or sitting in the corner of the dairy section downing a quart of egg nog in hopes of drowning my stress away....or making myself a little apartment in the bedding section to escape it all...)


Brittne said...

EEK that sounds awful! Its a darn good thing your werent pulled over for anything! When you go to walmart today, you should make a sign saying you have some type of really contagious disease and strap it to your cart. That way everyone will steer clear of you! Happy Shopping, and Happy Holidays!

Nancy said...

Just make sure you don't get locked into Walmart when they close...although that would make for an interesting blog as...How I Spent Christmas on Walmart!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas.

jan ranger said...

now i am totally convinced that this blog thing is the one best things ever invented. it totally changed your perspective, from wanting to hurt someone to thinking of how to turn it into a funny story. i too was in walmart during an ice storm here in indiana. for three hours waiting on new tires (thank you Lord) and i forgot the one main thing -- a birthday cake for one of my boy's birthday today..... BUT being the good mommy i am, i'm not going out to get one.... dear old dad will cover for me.... so, i'm thinking if i had a blog i wouldn't have been getting irritated with the mechanics laughing in the garage instead of putting my tires on....maybe i'm onto something here. LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxo

Jean said...

I love the new look of your blog!! Arghhhh- That is so frustrating- leaving your purse at home. When I read the title I was worried you had lost your purse- that would have been worse- there you go - something to be thankful for!!
Merry Christmas from MN!!

Becoming Me said...

Oh Noooo! What a pain! I'm sorry that happened. I hope that everything else goies wonderfully for you. Merry Christmas.

Lynsay said...

I totally know the feeling, as it was Christmas EVE and we locked our keys, yet again, in the house. Oh Yippee!! And it gets better, because of babies and cold etc etc I realized last night that (even though I knew I would be going shopping for some people today) I totally forgot to get Bill ANYTHING!! In 10 years of being married, NEVER NEVER have I forgotten. So hey, give someone at Walmart a hug for me and tell them that I LOVE and MISS American Walmart (I'm going to Walmart today, just not the same though!) Merry Christmas! Lots of love!

Holly said...

I just love you, Lori! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Holly :)

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