Monday, April 7, 2014

Distracted by Life!

Well hello, you!  I hope you're all dandy and wonderful.  I'm so sorry that my time here seems to be so sparse.  It's not my intention to be so neglectful, I promise!

I've just been a bit distracted recently.  More so than usual, that is.

Partly because I've been sleeping like a newborn baby.  You know, waking up every couple hours at night, cranky and wanting something to eat...then wanting to nap the day away.

Plus, I've been baking up a storm.

And then there's the children's goings-on.  Especially one in particular that keeps me on the edge of sanity.

So perhaps that's why my mother-in-law insisted on coming over tomorrow to help me spring clean!

That, and this:

My goodness.  Help is what I need, for sure.  And medication, and a nanny, and a personal assistant, and....

In other words, if you aren't busy, swing by my house and we'll make a party of it!

I'll put the coffee on.


Tesseraemum said...

Wish I was closer. I could really benefit from your mother in law's spring cleaning excitement! Oh and I could help you polish off your baking goodies...I mean polish your furniture. Yea, that's what I mean.

Jen said...

How did you get a picture of MY ceiling fan???? Under NO circumstance was the fan to be turned off!!! ugh.

acceptance with joy said...

two thoughts about the way you sleep~~~ Have you tried a blue light? I have one of those Philips goLights. You can get them on Amazon. Anyway, you can regulate your hormone issues and sleep issues with one. So for me, I would consistently wake up at 3 AM. So, I needed to use the light for 15 minutes before 7 am every morning. And then I was suppose to use it for 15 minutes at 3 PM. It works for me. Now that it is spring and the sun shines all the time and I can be outside I don't need the light so much. I sleep way better.

Another thought.... I was at a seminar in Feb. One morning at breakfast all the women at my table were comparing their sleepless night issues... ALL but one. She sat there quietly and let us talk. Finally she said, "Girls, I USED to suffer from sleepless nights but NO longer". Her husband, a doctor, suggested she write every single thing she ate down every single day and compare her notes. Turns out she cannot eat gluten, or corn or soy. If she has a hard night she goes into her fridge and looks for some obscure ingredient that caused her restless sleep. She is older, but looks youthful.

For what it is worth!

Your rolls look lovely!!

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