Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring-Cleaning with Mother Sue!

Remember my filthy ceiling fans?  And my mother-in-law, Sue, threatening promising to come over and help me spring clean?  Well, she did!  She came over yesterday and wiped away every ounce of dust and grime that the naked eye could see.


Assessing the situation.
(There are two fans that are way up high!)

How we felt about the situation:

Sue just stood on a chair and praised the Lord.

And then I praised the Lord, too.

But we got those suckers clean.  Yes, we did.

Two hard-working gals.  Aren't we stunning?

And the REAL star!

I keep starring at my dust-free environment and I can't even tell you how happy it makes me!

Now, onto the toilets.  Praise the Lord.

Oh, and if you'd like to schedule your own flattering photo-shoot of you and your mother-in-law, with photographer Lucy, let me know!  She's great at capturing real-life moments.  Photo editing is extra, obviously.

Have a happy Wednesday, my dusty friends!


Connie Johnson said...

You goofball! We all have fans like that, but you're the only one I know brave enough to show it - Praise the Lord :)

Our Faith Walk said...

Love your tshirt. Info please? ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your hair! We all should look so good cleaning!

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