Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pinterest Fun With Lori!

Don't you just adore Pinterest?  Oh, goodness...I just love it so!  I've found so many recipes, ideas, and hilarious things on there.  I just pin my little heart out!  Granted, I don't follow through with making nary any of it, but still, it's so fun!  It gets my creative juices flowing!  And I just sit there and admire all my creative pins.

Are you on Pinterest?  (Really, this isn't a paid endorsement, really!)  You should check it out and follow me because you'll love the things I pin and you can pin them too....and pretend like you're going to make all the yummy and crafty things, just like me!

(If you're unfamiliar, a pin is simply you "clipping a picture/website that you want to keep on your virtual bulletin board" to keep forever".)  That's probably not the best explanation.

Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my recent faves:

Wall Decor | Love the signs, basket and greens, clock, keys, alpha...looks great!

sign in the morning..need this.

old window, shutters, red berry wreath I am LOVING this idea for an entry way!

PANTRY: The 1"x2"s that help keep the canning jars from falling are painted with  chalkboard paint. Then you can label each section with what is stored in the jars.

Cheap Garden fence idea ... The metal mesh is cattle panel.  Strong enough to last and to pull growing ivy & vines off of.

Raised Bed Gardening. I love this layout. The stones create a pathway through the garden. Climbing plants can be planted along the trellis. Flowers can be planted along the path. Herbs and veggies can be planted in the raised garden beds, and are protected from little critters eating them before you do!


Homestead Survival: Chicken Cabbage Tether Ball

Steak tacos :  cilantro chimichurri sauce

Grilled Ginger-Sesame Chicken Salad.  "this salad was amazing!!!


Go and, fi your makeup. Girl its just a break up , Run and hide your razy and start acting like a ladt. Cause I raised you better,  gottakeep it together,even whenyou fall apart. This aint my momma's broken heart.

Every day.

See how fun that is?

Everybody needs to enjoy the time-sucking virtues of Pinterest.

Have a fabulous Wednesday, friends!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

It feels strangely productive to pin something I'm never going to make. Not sure why that is. ;)

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