Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Spring Break (South of France, Food Network, Freak Flag)

Hello.  Hello?  (Tap, tap, tap)  Is this thing on?

Once again, I beg your pardon for my extreme absence.  I really should have been chronicling my life in the last week, because, wow, has it been exciting!

I'll let you try to guess what I've been up to.  Was I:

A.  Enjoying a glamorous vacation in the south of France.
B.  Busy developing a new Food Network show called, "Lori's Kitchen: How to Train Your Family to Never Complain About Your Cooking, Lest They Die".
C.  Hanging on by a mere thread in full spring-break-survival-mode (dysfunction freak flag flying high).

Ding, ding, ding!  I wish you didn't know me so well.  Yes, it's A.  I kid, I kid.  Truth is, I've been steeping in option C.  But since I don't want to show you too much of the Debbie Downer side of me, I'll stop right there.

The good news is, school is back in full swing in two more days!  And with a steady stream of coffee, medication, and a semi-normalcy, I'll be back to my old self in no time.

As for this weekend, I am putting together my weekly baked goodies order, planning/fixing weekend meals, doing laundry, taking care of chickens and children...and working at my waitressing job (the paid and unpaid one). :)

By the way, I know it's so not politically correct to use the word waitress anymore.  But, dang it, I like it.  I prefer to see myself as a 70s-type gal, ya know?

And that's exactly how I wear my hair to work, too.  (Oh, I wish!)

Anyway, that's about all that's happening here, ya'll.  I gotta get busy now or none of the above is going to happen.  Productive Procrastinator is my middle name!

Enjoy your weekend immensely, alirghty?

Love ya!


Wendy said...

My kiddos' spring break just started and I am cleaning and taking care of one of the kiddos who has a GI bug. I did not invite that GI bug into my home and I want it to leave. Oh happy spring break.
Glad to hear you are not doing anything that would make us vacationing in France. LOL!

Janet said...

Your hair would look fabulous like that!! I don;t even know when spring break is around here---we've been on it since Dec--oh how I wish.

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