Thursday, March 13, 2014

Household Appliances {good, bad, and broken}

Do you have any OCD tendencies?  I have a few.  

And one of them is this:

(It's sort of a reversed OCD thing, I would say, so I'm not too worried.)

The vacuum cord.  This is how I throw the thing together after sweeping the floor:  Willy-nilly, quick and painless, fun and whimsical.  That's me!

Easy enough, right?  A quick wrap-up, put the thing away, and call it done.

But here is how I find it when any one of my six children or husband have used it:

The cord wrapped around the designated hook thingys.  Neat, tidy, and so very quirky.  Oh, the time it takes to do that!  Ain't nobody got time for that.

But yet, they do it.  Every single blasted time.  And it annoys me, truth be told.

Is that wrong?  Is that weird?  Is that OCD?  On my part....or theirs?

But that's not all.  They also frequently hook the end of the cord onto the end-of-the-cord notch.

Who does this?  (Every single person in my house except me, that's who.)

I'm just really glad that my free-spirited personality doesn't hold me captive to take the time to do all this extra work.  And if I can ever brainwash convince any one of these people to do the same, I will declare my mission on this earth to be well-done.

Live a little, people!  That's what I always say.

Completely unrelated to all of that.

My 10+ year old oven bit the dust yesterday.

Let me tell you, I got a gob of miles out of that baby.  Gobs!

K-Man attempted to fix it, but the new part was not cost-worthy.  And we certainly can't afford a brand new oven.  But thankfully, God provided for this need a long time ago.  Remember the free oven I got that I put in my garage??

Welp, K-Man just worked his magic and installed it inside, easy peasy.

How fabulous!!!!  And I love it so much.  It was not only FREE, but it is so fresh and new(ish) and wonderful!!

I'm really happy.  Even if my entire family doesn't know how improperly put away a vacuum.


Enjoy the rest of your week!!!


Susan A said...

your post made me giggle :) I too wrap the vacuum cord around and attach it to the nook as it was designated, but when thinking about it, I totally understand how restricting that can to people who like to be free :)

Tesseraemum said...

I used to wrap the cord the correct way before I had kids and time became too precious to waste rolling up the darn thing! Now I spend my time unraveling the knots the kids put in it :( Hey, but they are vacuuming!
Your oven looks so much happier inside! Some things are meant to be a
part of the family. Chickens and goats can live in the barn but a stove just needs to be with its family. Bless her heart.

Janet said...

So amazing to see what God knew all along.
My cord roll up at the push of a button...lucky me, no tough decisions!

Madeleine said...

Amen, sister. Samuel & I are the only ones who do not wrap the cord around. Sheesh. For Pete's sake... live a little is right!

Except just recently, his OCD is kicking in. I am losing him. HeLp!!!!!

On another note. COOLNESS on 2 feet about your stove/oven!

Not that the old one broke, but that the new one was ready to go!! GOD is good!!

As always, good post!

Holly said...

Lovin' this post! It's all good! Whimsy AND OCD all in one. Awesome! And cheers for not having to buy a new oven!!

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