Monday, March 10, 2014

Eleven Random Things on This Fine March Day

Hello, Peeps!  How the heck are ya?  

I'm in the mood for some randomness, which is typical of me.  So, here's my latest:

1.  Today was quite possibly the most beautiful day ever.  After a wretched winter, God was most definitely wanting to show off His creative and tropical-like skills today!  Yay, God!!

2.  And so I stopped for a fancy cold coffee drink.  But I'll tell you this.  I am so over fancy coffee drinks. Way too expensive and way not me anymore.  So unAmerican!  I'm a purist and am happy as a clam to drink drip, straight from home, on the cheap.  But I do love our little local coffee shop!  It's the best ever gathering place.  

3.  Isaiah has re-re-discovered the costume box.  And the wigs.  

(This one scares me a little quite a bit.)

 4.  Both of the Littles took advantage of me having my scale out the other day while I was baking, and did an impromptu math/science lesson, of sorts.  I will mark them down for extra credit!  Little overachievers.

5.  So, while Brenden was home we had a conversation about adverbs.  As most mothers do with their college-age sons, you know.  He proposed that adverbs are completely unnecessary.  And after a long discussion, and his searching my blog posts, showing me my ridiculously absurd over-use of them, I concurred.

He also told me to quit using passive verbs.

And now I run every sentence I speak/write through a hyper-filter in my brain that has my head spinning. Along with being paranoid beyond measure, please know that.  I trust you'll be patient with me during this transition.

Let's just forget this conversation ever took place, okay?

6.  I love bananas that are on sale every Thursday for 19 cents a pound!  And Lucy and Isaiah begged me to peel the ripe ones and put them in freezer bags.  I let them do it, reluctantly.  (Was that an adverb? Possibly.)

7.  I am so intrigued and mystified by the whole missing Malaysian flight thing.  Oh my word, it's so crazy, isn't it?  I feel awful for the families who have no answers about their loved ones.  AWFUL!  But the whole thing fascinates me.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm horrified!  But the mystery of it is  I wish it WAS fiction.)

8.  K-Man and I are thinking about getting an automated chicken-plucker so we can process our own meat birds like machines, man!  It's going to be life-changing, really.

9.  I'm sooooo proud of the Wichita Shockers!

10.  I remember when my wonderful mom used to read to me, The Little Red Hen.  And Isaiah just read it last week.  And I think that the whole entire America needs to read it, too.  Yes and amen?

NOT I???  Yes, YOU.   Work dang HARD to pull your own dang weight, dang it.

11. (BONUS!)  Lucy went outside to take pictures of the amazing sunset.  (Sorry for my kitchen window screen filter!)

All right, I think that sums up my riveting thoughts for this fine March day.

Work hard at all you do and be a blessing to those around you, okay?!!!


Anonymous said...

Made. My. Day. :)))

Rachel said...

I still believe that somehow, one day, we will meet @ one of those fancy coffee places! We will laugh, solve all of the word's problems, say we won't talk about our children, but then talk about them for 2 hours, insist on paying for the other's coffee...We may be in our 90's , but it will happen!!!

Joanne Reddell said...

Hey Lori, what are you doing with the bananas? Why are you freezing them? Won't they turn brown in the freezer? What will you use them for? Maybe you can answer this here or in a blog post. Or you can email me too. I sometimes have to throw away bananas (which KILLS me!) because they get too ripe, soft & mushy.

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Joanne, I let the bananas get really ripe then I freeze them to use later in banana bread. They're also great in smoothies!


Anonymous said...

Are you from Kansas?

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