Sunday, March 9, 2014

Skillet-Meals (and the circle of life)

Hello.  Hello?  Is anyone still reading this measly blog of mine?

For the two or three of you who are, my deepest apologies for being neglectful.  Life has me by the horns, I'm telling you.  And Brenden was home all week for spring break, and not that he sucked up all of my time or anything, but, I am using him as my excuse for having fallen short of holding up my part of my cyber relationship with you all.  

Having said all that, here I am!  

Besides my photos of B's birthday celebration, I have nary a picture to post of his visit back home. 

Well, except these:

You see, Brenden loves to make skillet-type meals.  Potatoes, sausage, eggs, and whatever else he can find in the fridge that he deems skillet-worthy.

And one day, he made something skillet-fabulous, sat down in the living room to eat it, then left it on the coffee table for the children to finish.

And finish it, Isaiah did.  Pitiful?  I'd say so.

It's the circle of life, folks.

And just like that, Brenden went back to college to do his collegy things.

As for me, I'm hunkering down for another crazy week, because life here is never lacking something to do, albeit ever so mundane.

Now, let's go out there and have us a great week, alrighty?


Wendy said...

You have a good week too Lori!!! Hope the weather is a little nicer. Love the little guy and his eating his brother's leftovers. He must be growing.

Holly said...

So glad you got some time with your big boy! Love the pictures of the little guy. And I especially love the thought of someone else cooking. :)

Susan said...

I read your blog!

Tesseraemum said...

Oh yea! Brenden is such a collegy guy! Eating out of the skillet and leaving it on the coffee table! Did Isaiah clean that up for him? Brenden needs to send that sweet boy 5 bucks.

quilt'n-mama said...

These made me smile! Glad you had a good week!

Janet said...

Six!!! I'm number six....see you do have readers, probably more than me=)

Joanne Reddell said...

Hi friend, I must that I'm slacking in my blog reading since I retired in 2011. (How does that work?? I no longer work outside of the home and yet I don't have time to read a few blogs every day? I'm confused - how can I possibly be busier NOW than I was when I worked a full-time job??? It's a mystery to me, I tell ya!!!)

Anyhoooooo, I do still read your blogs & I love them!! I usually read them a few at a time. I'm guilty of not commenting much anymore since I read them a week or 2 after you've posted.

I hope you're doing well! I love hearing about your awesome family and busy life. Hugs to you, girlfriend!! ♥

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