Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Egg-Spinach-Jack Breakfast Sandwich {Yummy!}

I may have mentioned to you once or twice...or 52 times, how much I love breakfast.  LOVE!  

And I'm constantly whipping up new concoctions to make it yummier and healthier.  This is my latest:

Egg-Spinach-Jack Breakfast Sandwich!

Here's my quick tutorial.

Heap a pile of fresh spinach on a cutting board.

And chop-chop!  (Thanks to Lucy for her great photography!  She captured nicely the beauty of my bony fingers, don't you think?)

Throw all that into a pan with some coconut oil (and I also added some bacon grease because that's awesome.)  Also add a little salt!

It cooks down really quickly.

Then add some whisked eggs (there are three here...one for me, one for Isaiah, and one for Lucy who chose to have hers over rice.)  See, it's so versatile!  Add a little more salt.

Toast some English muffins and top one side with shredded Monterrey Jack cheese.

Add your egg mixture AND some hot sauce.  The hot sauce is a MUST!  It gives just the right amount of zing and zang you'll need for a successful day, I promise!


If your kids don't like seeing green stuff in their food, send them to Auntie Lori's house!  I'll cure them of that right quick.  Such nonsense isn't tolerated here!

Isaiah loooooves this sandwich so much!  He's very zingy and zangy, that's for sure.

Have a delightful day, my friends!  And be sure to start it with a yummy breakfast.  (Or come to my house and I'll make you something!)

1 comment:

quilt'n-mama said...

oh this looks yummy! We are eating Fish & Blueberries today... crazy I know but our assignment for "Sign of the Beaver" :)
Maybe breakfast tomorrow?!?!

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