Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chickens, Birthdays & What-Nots

Hello there, my amigos!  

Let's see, the temps climbed to around 60 over the weekend, now they are plummeting, with
talks of several episodes of snow in the forecast.
Yep, we're in Kansas.
I've got my bathing suit, scarf, gloves, and beach towel all on the ready.

My poor chickens and kitty cats just don't ever know what's coming next.
Although I do have a radio on in my hen house, so assuming my chickens pay attention, perhaps they
listen in on the weather updates.  But I don't know that for sure.

For now, they are all enjoying snow-free outdoor activities.

I was going to talk to you today about how a stay-at-home mom can help contribute
to the family income.
But I have a full day of contributing to my family income!
So I need to get a move-on and that subject is going to have to wait for another day, 
unless I can sneak in some time here later on.
We'll see!

But before I go, I have some cute pictures from Nick's little birthday celebration to share.

 He's so darn sweet and cute!

 Two of my best guys!

 Nicky and his Nana.

K-Man and his older brother (he's single, girls!!).

Yes, the other children and I were all there too.  But apparently the camera got put down
and never found its way to snapping any more photos.

In other news:  BRENDEN is coming home on Friday for spring break!!!!
And we'll celebrate his 21st (GASP!) birthday while he's here.

Well ya'll, I've got children to feed & educate, muffins and what-nots to be baked,
hair appointments to do, and errands to be run.
All before I start dinner.
(Or maybe we'll just have the muffins and what-nots for dinner!)

Stay warm and enjoy your day!!

1 comment:

Janet said...

So is Nick 181 plus 3?? The candles confuse me. At least he didn't get pink ones like the boys at my house=)

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