Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FREE BUTTER! {Sweeeeet!}

Hello, my fellow cyber friends!

Do you happen to know what the below photo is??
I'll give you one million guesses.

(Or maybe you guessed right, who knows.)

Super real, unadulterated BUTTER.  My friend Mary gave me THIRTEEN POUNDS of it today.
How absolutely fabulous is THAT?


Completely and TOTALLY wonderful, that's what that is.  

I love how God provides in the most sneaky and unsuspecting ways!
He's super cool like that.

My heart is so really happy!

Completely unrelated to all of that,
Isaiah insisted on helping me dry the dishes tonight.
And that's awesome by any mom's standards, I'd say!!

Some might say he's a brown-noser....but to me, he's just plain HELPFUL.

And then look!
Lucy made me the sweetest little card, just out of the clear-blue:

I am the best mom she EVER had!!
That makes me feel real good, ya know?
Especially since, well, others might not see me that way.
(Insert very tired and overwhelmed feelings here.)

But, hey!!!  Brenden is coming home and there's nothing like a college man
to pour out praises of thanksgiving on his hard-working Mama!
(Nick appreciates me, too.)

Anyhoo, that concludes this Wednesday, my friendly friends.

I hope all your wishes come true and all your dishes get dried and put away by
a cute little Chinese boy!


Vicky said...

Loved the card and your humor!

Anonymous said...

Love those little favors that He gives, and how something as simple as butter can be seen as a gift!

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