Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday on our Homestead [chickens, kitty-cats, and a big scary dog]

What a splendidly beautiful December day it was today!
And we took full advantage niceness.
And by we, I really mean all the ones who did outdoor chores,
hence, no photos of the younger quad of children.

Our kitty cat, Dino, disappeared for a few days...
and we thought for sure he had become brunch for a coyote or two.
But, no!  He showed up today, all hungry and happy to see us.  And we were equally as happy.

And the chickens were loving getting out of their coop, where they're been cooped up!
The temps really dropped low recently, and I'm here to tell you that these
feathered females do not like the coldness one bit.
But they sure loved today!


but I had zero evidence except a dead chicken buried in my mulch?
Well, looky here:

He didn't hurt THIS one...but he sure did scare the dickens out of her.
And this concludes my investigation of the Poultry Murder Mystery.
Poor Zeke, he really needs a friend.

"Midge, are you okay under there?"

This is Betty, my teeny tiny feather-footed hen.  She's the sweetest little thing.
And can she ever FLY.  When Zeke heads towards her, she just takes off up into the nearest tree.
Awesome!  Way to go, Betty!

Oh, and we had loads of fun when one of our lateral lines got clogged and sewer
water backed up into our basement (AGAIN).  Grossssss.
So glad I have a handy-man husband who can fix such things.
And look, here he is dressed up as a tree riding a tractor. Hahaha.
That's Nick supervising the project.

Manly men doing manly chores.
I love that.

And that concludes the bulk of the excitement for this Sunday on our homestead!

 I hope you all enjoyed your day of rest as well!


Vicky said...

It's nice that K-man and your son can repair the clogged lines! I hope they took care of the inside mess too!

Holly said...

Love this post! I can live vicariously through you, as we are still under mountains of snow. I'll take it until Christmas, and then it can go bye-bye.

Sheri Watson said...

Ok, so zeke needs some sheep or goats to herd! Maybe the littles need to spend more time outdoors! He could herd them! Fainting goats may not be the best option ...
Btw, I am seriously going to need you to come to Ohio this spring! We are going to need your expertise up in here! We are in the process of buying a house on 5 acres ! It's a pretty big move for a bunch of 3rd generation suburbinites! It has a pool too! The realtor doesn't think the current owners will be cool with moving in for a week in the spring to teach us what we need to know to get it up snd running! Olivia is bent on getting chickens! I worry about them being cold in the winter and Mark is saying not another pooping, stinky critter is coming into the house so there is that whole thing. Kman could educate Mark on machinery! He is really pushing for a bobcat. He said we can move snow AND dig holes. I'm saying i don't think you can hook a mower deck to one and I'd like to think we could keep the hardware at a minimum. If it is incentive I'm pretty sure I can get a few tickets to the Memorial golf tournament for the guys! Well, we will want to go too:) we will have plenty of room for everyone to crash!

vicki said...

Love your farm photos! It is always nice to get a warm day every now and then. :)


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