Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dog vs. Chicken

This is VERY disturbing.
And sad.
And very VERY disturbing!!!

If you are sensitive, please don't read this.
(I don't want a single email about how awful I am to post this.  I WARNED you, okay?!)

So, my dearest dog Zeke loves my chickens.
He loves to ignore them eating his food.
He loves to herd them all out of their hen houses, just because.
And he loves to chase them all over the yard.
He really does *love* them in so many ways.
And never EVER once has he tried to hurt them.


Yesterday he was chasing them about and I tried to stop him, as usual.
But he didn't listen to me, as usual.
So I did my chores and came in the house.
Then, I couldn't believe my eyes, but out my kitchen window I saw him carrying
a limp chicken in his mouth.
I finished what I was doing, then went outside to see the heck was going on.
He sat and just looked at me...with a VERY apologetic look on his face.
Really, he did.

Then I went back inside and a little bit later, looked out the kitchen window AGAIN,
only to see Zeke burying the dang chicken in the mulch in my flower garden, 
right outside my kitchen window!  


I never did find out exactly what happened, of course.
But I will tell you this, I don't think that dog killed that chicken.
I really think he gave it a heart attack chasing it and he felt so guilty about it,
he tried his best to hide the evidence. 

And that's the end of my dog vs. chicken story.

That's life in the country, folks!


Chris said...

Just if he does start killing'll have to decide.. Zeke or chickens

acceptance with joy said...

oh my!!!

Vicky said...

I hope this doesn't mean your chickens will no longer be able to free range!

Susan A said...

I think the clucking has finally started to get to Zeke :)

on a serious note, I'm sorry about that :/ I hope you'll be able to solve this... perhaps Zeke is just bored with nothing else to do?

Tesseraemum said...

My guess is the poor dog stepped on her while he was herding! You know, like a mazda miata zipping in and out of traffic and the next thing you know its under a couple of tires on that 18 wheeler barreling down the highway doing 75 mph!! The guilt that truck driver (i mean dog) will live with for the rest of his life is just horrible. All because some chick feels the need to be weaving all over the road.....
Be sure to keep an eye on Zeke he may need some therapy before it's all said and done. BTW Mark can help with that if you need him :)

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