Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ambitious Goals, Aspirations, and Accomplishments

This morning as I was going over in my mind this past year's goals, aspirations, 
and accomplishments, challenging myself to be a better me in the
coming year...

**Wait**....we all know me well enough to know that I
simply don't have deep thoughts like that.

But what I do have, quite frequently, is grand ideas.
Grand ideas that rarely come to fruition.
(If only I could hire a staff of talented people to follow through for me.) 

Anyway, I stumbled on an old blog post and I was excited to see that 
exactly 33% of my ideas worked!

Take a look:



I thought I'd update you on my recent
homemaking and farming tangents.

Because I know you are as excited as I am.

I have given up the dream of a dairy cow...
after hearing from many of you,
dairy goats are where it's at these days.

Cows are so two days ago, people.

Keep up.

So, now I'm researching dairy goats...and doing a deep inner
evaluation of myself to see whether or not
this is something I am really willing to stick to.

I tend to be ambitious in my imagination only.

And here is a list of my other latest ideas:

1. Mozzarella cheese
I ordered a kit to make my own moz.
Yep, that's what I did.

I'm a little nervous though.
If I follow through with this project,
it will yield about 30 pounds of cheese.
(Not all at once, you sillies)
And it will be more fresh and cost effective
than any I could buy commercially.

But there's that key phrase,
 follow through.
I must.

I will.

Oh, I really hope I will.

2. Earth Oven

This idea was born in my heart about 12 hours ago.
So, it's still whirling around in my brain
with unconstrained excitement.

To be able to bake bread...and a stone oven...outside.
People, can you imagine?
Especially the pizza.
Oh, the pizza!
I love making homemade pizza and just the mere thought of
this puts me on another planet.

A pizza planet.

3. Grain mill

Not much to say about this little brilliant and practical idea except,
it falls nicely in place with the idea above, does it not?

That, and I have high hopes of selling freshly milled flour
at one of our little country markets.

This mill...

Or possibly this one...
(with the option of a motor)

I think that's quite enough for now.

But do mark your calendars for say...spring come
over for fresh stone-oven pizza made with
freshly milled flour,
and topped with fresh mozzarella cheese,
made with fresh goat milk,
with veggies from my garden,
and an egg on top (humor me).

Served on a paper plate straight from WalMarts.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Oh and I forgot to tell you,
I made hot-cross buns last night after dinner.
Just thought you should know.
They were good...but not wonderful.
I'll keep trying.


TODAY's update:

The cheese-making was a bust.
I tried it once, then quickly decided that store-bought was a handy idea.
And after this day, I'll never speak of cheese-making again.

That is, until I get goats!
But that seems like a pipe-dream to me at the moment.
But a girl can surely dream!  
Truth is, it's actually the reoccurring nightmares I have about them...
and their probable shenanigans.  Oh, the goat shenanigans!
And the daily milkings.  Daily!  Twice, even.  

No earth oven either.
That idea never even left my blog post.

But alas!  My grain mill!
I have had my grain mill now for about two years and it's fabulous.
I use it all the time.
Breads, pizzas, goodies.
The works!

So there you have it.
Exactly one-third of my ideas worked.

That is clear success by my standards.

Now excuse me as I work on a whole new list of ambitious ideas,
AND write up some help-wanted ads to build my staff.

Good Day to you!



Madeleine said...

LOL Lori. We should be sisters and live next door to each other.

This way, we can have our goats, and we can never talk about cheese again. Until one of us decides its a good idea and the other one agrees, even though we may have agree to never talk about it.

And we can laugh about our ideas and cheer on our accomplishments, having done does crazy ideas. OR at the very least smack each other on the back of the head when we need it.

Not to mention the fun it would be to laugh at our children's antics, as though we expect normal kids...knowing their mommas. :P lol.

I will do a goal list for next year so I can look back on it. And maybe accomplish 1/3 of it!!!

Patty said...

Hey....1/3 is pretty darn good my friend! I'm impressed!

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