Monday, December 16, 2013

Kitchen Loves and Dislikes

I'm going to do a series of posts on kitchens.
What I love about my kitchen, and what's in it.
And what I don't love so much.

But for now, I'm curious about YOUR thoughts about your own kitchens.

What do you LOVE?

Is it:
Grandma's old apron that you nostalgically wear while cooking and baking?
Your fresh shiny new appliances?
Your old trusty appliances?
The fact that you are an empty-nester and you only have to dirty up your kitchen occasionally?
The fact that you have dozens of children and you have to dirty up your kitchen continually?

Or do you simply love that carry-out menu & cordless phone?

I will judge no one!

Just tell me what you love about your kitchen.

tell me what you'd change if you could, realistically.
(In other words, let's assume you DON'T win that $600 million dollar lottery!)

(This is my fridge.  The note on it says, "No Aqua, por favor.")
(Because the water hasn't worked in a good long time.)
(You can rightly guess that this is one of my dislikes!)

I can't wait to hear your comments!

And hey, send me some pictures of your favorite (or least favorite things) and maybe
I'll include them in my upcoming posts!


Patty said...

What I Keurig and my super double sized drawer that keeps all the foil, saran, baggies etc... What I hate....that Alice does not live here. And my very annoying pantry with folding doors that always fall off.

Vicky said...

I love the fact that I have a dishwasher!

I would LOVE to have a huge pantry, a gas cooktop and double ovens.

I hate my flat cooktop!

Chris said...

I love my big Kitchen Aid mixer (red). Love the high arch faucet that my hubby splurged on the last time it needed replacing. LOVE my glass top stove.
Hate the back splash on the counters, it was a compromise back when we were clueless newly weds building a house. I would add counter space,or an island because I'm one of those people that has a continually used kitchen. Will need to photograph it for you

AfterGirl said...

I like that my kitchen is small so that I don't have to ask others to leave while I cook to my hearts content.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I like having an island in my kitchen. It makes it easy to make food with others!

Wendy said...

We moved into our home 18 months ago. I knew I wanted some changes to my kitchen. It has been a work in progress and am almost there...a couple more things and it should be all done by Christmas. What I will love is I have a red kitchen gets desserts made quite nicely...I also like my new black sink and big faucet...also black. Love the slate countertops. What don't I like? The oven is a regular oven and not convection. I love convection ovens for baking. Wish I still had one. I don't much like my refrigerator...not quite my style...these things will be changed soon. Overall, I love to be in my kitchen with my family and to be able to make wonderful treats for them. Love love love baking and candy making.

julie said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the backsplash my husband did last year. It was an inexpensive winter project that made such a difference in the look of our kitchen. I also LOVE my faucet (I have to admit-I have a bit of a faucet fetish..when we are in Lowe's I always have to take a peek at all the cool faucets, if I could I'd get a new faucet every 6 months!!) I'll email you a pic.

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