Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kitchen Series, Part 1 {DESIGN}

The kitchen is most definitely the heart of the home, don't you think?
I don't know how many times we've had company over...and long after the meal is finished,
we just sit and talk at the table or bar stools.
The sofa in the living room would be so much more cozy and comfortable!
But there's just something about the warmth of the kitchen that makes everyone gather there.

Having said all that,  I think we all deserve a fantastic kitchen makeover!
And if I win that gigantic lottery, I'm going to do just that for all of you!

Gosh, that would be so super fun! 

Well, anyway.  We can dream a little, that's for sure.
So I collected a few ideas for us.

Let's take a look!

Kitchen #1:
Elegant, yet warm and homey.
I absolutely LOVE the stone & brick, and the dark wood cabinets.
So lovely!
Sign me up.  I could settle in nicely here.

But wait!
Look at this lovely design:

Kitchen #2
There's something about white cabinets that I really love.
So clean and crisp!

Or...we could keep it super simple.
Seriously, like...hippy-simple!

Kitchen #3
You gotta admit...though this one lacks any real design, completely...
there's something very carefree about it, don't you think?
Very much so.

But let's not settle on that one quite yet.

Kitchen #4
This is so modern, with a splash of woody-warmth.
Very chic, I'd say.
This one screams, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED, don't you think?

A little more realistic:

Kitchen #5
I absolutely adore the charm of this one!
The bright window above the sink...the glass cabinet fronts...the geometric tile floor.
Mmmmm, I likey.

How about a farmy-fresh design!

Kitchen #6
Yes, yes, and heck yes!
I really love-love-love the red cabinets soooo very muchly.
And the sunny window off to the left.
And the basket of bread!
This one is beckoning me to spend my days there.


Kitchen #7
The rustic barn-wood wall is so wonderful, isn't it?
I wish I could see more because it most certainly is adorable, I'll bet!

More rustic!

Kitchen #8
Clearly, this is perfect for your mountain home.
It's so ready for skiers to come off the slopes and enjoy a mug of special hot chocolate!

Let's look at two more!

Kitchen #9
Now this one really says, "Come on it and stay a while!"
I love it.  Not fancy...but loaded with style.


Kitchen #10
Very sleek, yes?
I love the tile backsplash.
And the little pop of orange that jazzes it up, just enough.


And here is me (and me and me and me) in my kitchen!
Simple, practical, and lovely.  I love it!
(An island has been added since this picture.)
(Brenden did this photo for a project at school many years ago!)


Well, that concludes my tour of various kitchen designs.

I'm really not sure which one is my very favorite....I like too many!

Tell me YOUR pick! 


Sammie said...

Aggghhhh now you have me in a state of kitchen lust. Its all your fault, I need to be happy with what I have since there are not dollars for a different one. I guess it does not cost anything to dream though.... and I can't pick on favorite I love them all. I just want more room and more counter space.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 & 2 cant decide, must have room for lots of kids. :)

Sheri Watson said...

I could be very happy watching Mark cook in Any of these kitchens! #3 might be a stretch but hey I'm happy watching him cook in our 70's track home kitchen! Sheri

Karin said...

I've never had a white kitchen but I love the one you posted. :)

ourchinagirls said...

I would love to have #1 or #9. Of course, that would be after I win the lottery. I should start playing it to win.

Diane said...

I really like #9, with the wraparound bar, bright sunshine, and stainless steel appliances. Not sure I could handle a white kitchen; too hard to keep remotely clean!

Vicky said...

I love the lay out of kitchen #9! What a dream that would be, I just might be inspired to cook!

Chandra Regan said...

#2! I love the clean, white kitchen. My kitchen is not big, but it's the nicest one I've ever had. It's definitely bigger than most in Japan (think the size of most closets in America.) Having an American oven is really nice, because in Japan I didn't have that. Mine was more like a toaster oven. Running water is awesome, because they often don't have that in Africa. And electricity is such a blessing. Yes, I feel very thankful! And to have a fridge with food in it is a total gift from God!

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