Friday, November 29, 2013

Wild Turkey!

Of our two Thanksgiving feasts
(one at my parents' house and the other at our house),
I only took ONE picture.
One whole picture!!

Drum-roll, please....

This is Nick's turkey that he shot a few weeks ago.
We cut it up, slathered it in butter, seasonings, orange juice, and bacon...
and stuck that sucker in the smoker!

It turned out so beautifully!

But I don't have a finished picture for you.
Because I only took ONE picture, don't forget.

Anyway, the Wild Turkey was fantastic!!
And so was Nick's turkey.
Just jokes, folks.


We had THE most amazing food and great family surrounding us.


I hope your Thanksgiving Day was wonderful, too!


Chandra Regan said...

I understand. A lot of times I'm having too much fun that I forget to take photos. Later, I always wish that I had. Glad you made great memories together!

Vicky said...

You took one more photo than me!

I'm glad Nick's bird turned out well!

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