Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Cyber Shopping!

Hey, cyber friends!

Since it's Cyber Monday, I thought I'd do a little shopping for you!
You're welcome.

Below is a small list of things I absolutely love and use
all the time in my baking and cooking.
Perhaps you can find something for the baker/cook in your life!

I use my hand-blender ALL THE TIME.
For soups.

I have this exact dough scraper thingy.
And I positively LOVE it so much.
It's a must for any bread baker!

Espresso powder.
Any chocolate recipe is made all-the-better with a touch of espresso powder!
It adds a richness that is indescribable.
(It would be fun to put together a gift basket of brownie ingredients, including espresso powder!)

These vintage blue Ball jars are just as cute as can be!
I use mine to store homemade salad dressings & other things.
And my kids use them for drinking out of!

Everyone needs several great cutting boards.
And wooden ones are my favorite!
I want some of these bamboo ones sooooo bad.

Rolling pins.
Every well-equipped kitchen needs a few!

If you don't have your own grain mill,
buying high-quality whole grain flour is so important.
Here's a great brand:

Or for gluten-free friends....

This is one of my all-time favorite bakery cookbooks!

Any of these gifts would be fabulous alone, or as a beautiful basket full!

I absolutely adore practical gifts...and with money being tight for everyone these days,
I'll bet your gift recipient would love a practical gift, too.

Get creative and happy shopping!

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