Tuesday, December 3, 2013

One Hot Mess (Isaiah)

I am in the throws of feeling the excitement of Christmas! 
All the while, the cloud of FEELING OVERWHELMED and almost OUT OF TIME,
succumbs me.

1.  I have no idea when we will put our tree up, nor where.

2.  I shopped for a very small tree in order to avoid #1.
Then decided not to spend the money.
I'm so Dave Ramsey that way.

3.  I have failed in all other things Dave Ramsey, FYI.

4.  Nick asked me out to breakfast yesterday.
Now THAT is a treat.
Cracker  Barrel, baby!

And he didn't even look at his cell phone once.
Except to figure out how to do the peg-game thingy.
He found a youtube video... and aced it.

Such a gentleman!

And if you've been praying for him since I mentioned it,
he had his surgery (huge swollen mass in his neck), and everything went FINE.
And pathology came back benign.  PRAISE JESUS!
We are truly so thankful!!!

And I'm also thankful for my little helpers around the kitchen.
Last night's helpers were Macy and Isaiah.

So cute!  

And then, bring it around to this afternoon. 

I just knew this photo would be rotated the wrong way, dang it.
But I wanted to show you the depths of Isaiah-hood that I am dealing with.

I announced this afternoon that we were running to Target.
(Not a quick trip, but the kids know the drill, or so I thought.)

I looked in the back seat as we were pulling out,
only to see Isaiah in sweat pants, a snowman sweater, and flip-flops.

This kid is one hot mess.

Then, both the little munchkins were quick to fall asleep on the way home.


And quite frankly, I'm jealous.

May we all sleep so soundly!!!

1 comment:

Sheri Watson said...

Love it! So glad Nick is good!
Umm, I "learnt" to do the puzzle from my Granddaddy! Youtube, pshaw!
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices what their kid is wearing when its too late to do anything about it! We may see Audrey on the walmartian website after our trip last night. She had on polka dot pants, a floral shirt (which is actually a size 4 dress) and bright blue eye shadow. Some of which was actually on her eyes! I keep telling people that if Isaac or Olivia had presented themselves this way I would have stripped them and bathed them before going anywhere. And I think I can add another poor soul to the party!

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