Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Wednesday Afternoon {turkey feet & coconut oil}

First of all, I must tell you that life has been completely crazy lately.
So much going on.
And I'm in way over my head, let me tell you.

But here's just a little glimpse of my day today:

First of all, FedEx delivered five hefty gallons of coconut oil that I ordered.
And I'll tell you what.
I nearly passed completely out hauling it up my long driveway.
But I'm a better person for it though.
Coconut oil is so healthy/dangerous, in so many different ways!

And once Lucy and Isaiah got home and discovered the box it came in,
well, Happy DAY! was time to PLAY!
(Merry Christmas, my dearies!)

I suppose I should have been a tad curious when Lucy asked me for packing tape.
But, I figured she was just wanting to reinforce the corners or something.
How silly of me!
I later found out, she was wanting to reinforce the opening,
with Isaiah inside.
Of course she was.


He eventually found his way out.
And I think he actually enjoyed the secluded time to himself.
Good for him, I say!

Completely unrelated to that,
but all in the same afternoon.....

Remember I told you about Nick shooting a turkey?

Well, the Pilgrim-Woman in me came alive and I claimed the feet.
For some amazing broth.
Because that's what real women do, they make broth.

But I'll tell what's really true.
Since then, every time I go to my freezer, my soul shrivels up just a little bit more and more.

It's way scary and creepy.

Try as I may...I'm thinking I can't do this.

So, back in the freezer they go!

Forever and ever and EVER!

And that was my Wednesday afternoon.

I hope yours was every bit as weird as mine!


puckettfarm said...

You are too funny! I LOVE crazy pictures...and let's just admit, those are some crazy pictures! But I do love someone who is confident enough to take crazy pictures of herself with turkey feet! Thanks for making me laugh today. Saying a prayer that you and your family will see the humor in life every day, even when times are crazy. And always keep blogging, because we love it!

dannette said...

We have turkey feet that my dear husband shellacked - somehow he dried them out and all - favorite show and tell item in our home!

Karin said...

Those are some HUGE turkey feet! You crack me up! And Lucy...oh my word...she is such a character. :)

Chandra Regan said...

I grew up on a farm and have a memory of playing with the turkey feet as a kid. Ha! I guess I had a sick sense of humor even then!

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