Wednesday, May 29, 2013

daily-grind [summer schedule]

So I've figured something out.

Delegating housework to the children is a fabulous idea.
And they do a good job!
And that means LESS for ME to do!
And, why didn't I do this a long time ago!

Well, anyhow.

I've also learned that having a planned-out daily schedule makes things so nice.
And there's a lot less standing around!
And they know what's coming next!
And they know when they can kick back and finally watch TV!

So, here's my really simple plan o' the day, written on my kitchen-cabinet chalkboard

(Morning activities haven't hit the board yet.  But they will.  Oh, they will.)

This particular day's chores were way easy.
But don't you worry, I kick it into high gear on some days.
Indeed, I do.

But in all seriousness,
I have found that with older adopted kids, they desperately need structure and routine.
It's hard to understand sometimes,
but they are most often completely lost if you give them a full day of free-time.

This plan is helpful to avoid that lost and bewildered behavior.
And Lucy and Isaiah looooove this, too.  
Lucy is a list-person (like her mama) and she eats this stuff up!

So, now I'd like to hear how YOU handle the daily-grind of summer.
Do you have a similar plan as mine?
Do you schedule lots of activities for the kiddos?
Do you hide in your laundry room, nursing an endless cup of coffee?

Do tell what works well for you and yours!


Anonymous said...

Well, this summer is odd because my husband got a new job with weird hours. He leaves mid morning and gets home after she's in bed. I also only have 2 at home; a 16 year old boy and a soon to be 9 year old daughter.

So, Tues-Thurs-Sat we do Math and Reading. Tues afternoons we have hands on science club at the library. Tues evening is softball. Mon eve and Thurs eve she's in martial arts. Sun evening softball practice. Sun morning is church. We're buying a 3rd car in the fall so she and I aren't stranded all of the time. Teen boy has summer school in the mornings. Our district runs summer school like college. You can take classes in the summer so you don't have to find time for it in the year, so he's taking PE for the month of June. He also works and has a girlfriend, so he's a shadow that comes in and eats a ridiculous amount of food. :)

Lacy LevittMoore said...

Katie and I love lists too. I don't know if the schedule is more for the kids or for me. lol!

In the summer we have a pool pass, y membership, zoo pass as well as passes to historical museums and the kids science center. We have to keep a schedule too: 7-7:30 breakfast math/reading from 7:30-9, 9-10 Morning Chores,10:30 we hit the pool (if momma doesn't get there at opening for a chair in the shade she is not happy. lol!). We head home from the pool around 3, shower and get ready for piano, gymnastics, cheer dance and football. Then it is time for the evening shuffle to all of the above place.

Once a week we have a play group that meets at the park, Katie now has speech on Tuesday for an hour, Jus has OT for dysgraphia and Cam has reading tutoring. All of those things are scheduled on Tuesday so we do not go to the pool on Tuesday. We also plan "field trips" at least once a week with 3 of my best girls friends and their kids. We always pack a lunch and invade some local place with our 15 kids. They love that. :)

Angie said...

Well, I will admit to downing more than my share of coffee before those little piggies hit the floor running...and since I'm also babysitting 3 more little ones this is my buddy. My kids have chores they have to do daily. I think everyone does better with structure...and yes...a worksheet here and there are handed out to keep them from forgetting what they have learned.

Chris said...

We're still working on hammering out a routine. We had only 4 days of summer vacation and daddy was off 2 of the days and we all know what that does to a schedule. I do have a list on the computer that needs to be finalized. Hope LOVES lists and will assign chores if I let her. This summer Joe and Hope are responsible for the laundry...Joe gets the guys and Hope gets the ladies. Hope the towels and Joe the table linens. I hate schedules, but you are right these older kids need routine otherwise they just sit around and read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books!

Holly said...

Well, my favorite part of your day is the 3:30-4:30 slot. Aaahhh... just the thought of that makes me feel all bubbly inside...

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