Thursday, May 30, 2013

eleven random things for today [very foxy!]

1.  It's a rainy morning, and that makes me happy.

2.  The sun better come out tomorrow.

3.  Flowers, herbs, and miscellaneous items growing on my front porch.
The decorative cabbage thingy falls under the miscellaneous category.
I love it so much!

4.  For Mother's Day, Nick refinished my window box and bought me flowers to put in it.
He's a very good boy.

5.  More lovely flowers.
And they better stay alive because I will cry otherwise.

6.  My view from my front door this morning.
And best of all, it's QUIET.

7.  All my children are either at work or still sleeping right now.
And really, I could handle this kind of peacefulness all day long, every day.
But according to my calendar, that won't be happening until the year 2025.
(Oh my word.)

On that note...
8.  K-Man and I are planning a very much-needed vacation (ALONE) to Winter Park, CO,
later this summer.
I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably excited I am!

9.  I have a new favorite product for my curly-hair-days.
In my estimation, anything with the word foxy in it is a winner in my book.
It really works great, even in the humidity!
(Not a paid endorsement!)

9.  I bought some freshly harvested broccoli from a local farmer yesterday.
Not much makes me happier than that, folks.
We gobbled it up for dinner.
I didn't even have the courage to cook it, we just ate it raw and loved every bite.

10.  This is one of our new kitties.
She's just the sweetest ever!

11.  I posted this photo on FB last week.
I love it so much.
My sweet mama and me!
Summer of 1969.
Which could explain why I love the word foxy.

And that's my random list for this fine Thursday morning.

I hope you have fun and exciting things planned 
for your day today!


quilt'n-mama said...

So many wonderful things on your list today:) It made me smile.
I enjoyed some quiet time on my front porch this morning too. It was cool and beautiful after rain here last night.

Debby said...

Loved your list! WOW! a vacation without kids.......??? sounds like something to celebrate!

connie said...

I love all your flowers ~ looks beautiful!!!
Can you please come help me build a good enough pen to keep the goats in so I can plant some??? They have eaten all my plants so I don't dare plant anything new. Didn't plan on 'free range' goats!

Chris said...

vacation alone! Right now all we aim for is coffee alone. I just did the calculations 2028? Oh my

Joanne Reddell said...

Wow - both of you will be in Colorado???!!! So cool! Stunningly gorgeous!! In case you haven't heard, Colorado is God's country.........(smile).

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