Sunday, March 17, 2013


A few random thoughts.

*  I was so tickled this morning when I remembered that it was St. Patrick's Day,
and looked down to see that I had put on a green t-shirt.
I didn't even plan it.
I'm just so incoherently on top of things, that's all.

*  There are two things in life that I really hate to break in.
1.  New sheets for my bed.
2.  New mascara.
I'm currently enduring #1 right now.
Once I get over that, I'll buy some mascara.
(Oh, the hardships of being a first-world housewife.)

*  Spring break will finally be over for me after today, and I survived.
(Though I do have a twitch that I'm a bit worried about.)

*  I love how God gives abundance...if we trust Him!

*  Now that the snow has melted, my hens are laying more eggs.
And they are no longer considered to be dinner-options, for now.

And here are a few pictures of our wildly exciting spring break:

(She is SO going to kill me for this!  Well, it pays to smile.  Lesson learned.)

Over and out!


Jean said...

Love seeing the pics of the kids! AND yes Macy we need more of you... with a smile!

This wether is killin me... snow still on the ground and more coming our way... The sun is spending spring break at your house and we are liven in dullsville...
I even laid on the floor and napped for awhile...

BTW- we are having chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner! Did you recently sell any of the girls?

Joanne Reddell said...

Me thinks it's been a while since we've seen pix of the big kids! So thanks for those - I ALWAYS love seeing your boatload of kids!!

We were in Utah Fri-Sun camping.....sunny, beautiful, mid-70's....we were soaking it in! We understand that it snowed in Durango while we were gone. Ha! Great timing on our part!

Congratulations on making it through THREE CONSECUTIVE spring break weeks! You deserve an award, my friend! And I'm not talking about the "boring mom" should be a SURVIVAL award!! Love you, girlfriend!!

Karin said...

Love seeing the bigger kids! Smile, Macy, smile! :) About the you mean to tell me that the egg-laying fluctuates? We looked at chicken coops over the weekend. Hubby is going to build one--but there is a place near here that sells Amish-made ones so we wanted to check that out. Only have to drop $2000 for one. ha. Not happening. We will build our own, thank you very much!

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