Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sleepless {grrrrrrrrr}

Oh my gosh, you guys.

It is one of those nights.  Actually, at this point, it's one of those mornings.
Because it's 3:27 AM and I've been wide awake since about 12:30.
This is so stupid!!!

I just ate some leftover spaghetti.
So now my mouth is heavy-laden with garlic & such.
That's nice.
Which will make for some really great morning breath....if I ever go back to sleep, that is.
I guess either way, my breath will be gross.
And fuzzy.
Fuzzy teeth & tongue.
Maybe I should go brush.  I think I will.

Anyway, all I can say right now is:

1.  My Tuesday is going to suck (sorry, but it will.)
2.  Homeschool for my littles will consist of whatever I can tolerate, and not one single worksheet more.
3.  My dear husband is on his own for seeing himself off to work in about 2 1/2 hours.
4.  Coffee will be brewing unceasingly, starting...soon.
5.  You people who just sleep like babies make me sick.
(Bottle that up and send it to me, would you?)

Have you heard enough whining?
Alright then.

I'm off to google some pot roast recipes.
See you later!


Susan A said...

I can't sleep too, something's bothering me. And FYI, I just brushed my teeth a few minutes ago before I saw your post, so we're pretty much in the same boat? :)

Angie said...

All I have to say is...melatonin and sleep herbs, friend! After two weeks, I was once again sleeping like a baby. :)

Rebecca said...

I agree! Get some melatonin ASAP!

AfterGirl said...

Sleeping like a baby is overrated, I mean they wake up every two hours crying!

Jenn said...

Got any pot roast recipes to share? I'm planing that for dinner tomorrow, but don't want to use the energy to look. While I slept better than you, it still wasn't consistent. I should have thought of that instead of surfing FB at 2am.

Janet said...

I'm sure the melatonin, herbs and natural stuff would be great. But a gulp of ni-quil never hurt either=)
Sweet dreams.

Chris said...

I think you and my yongest would have a grand time. Not sure why she starts kicking covers @ 3 AM and falling out of bed. I think her blankets are in a twist is that your problem?

Sammie said...

I love acupuncture, it is amazing and works well for things like sleeplessness and hormoanl changes etc. I use accupuncture for stress and it has changed my life. Well maybe not changed my life but now I feel like I can change my own life, where before there was so much gong and, I was so stressed I wasen't good for much of anything.

Wendy said...

Oh Lori, you poor thing...it is so hard to not be able to sleep and then have to be up all day with little ones. I feel your pain. Have you tried melatonin? I did once and it worked for a few nights. Might be what you need to get through these restless nights. Good luck!

Jen said...

One word


(if you would more info, let me know)

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