Monday, November 12, 2012


Happy Birthday to ME!

I had two lovely *parties* over the weekend!
My mom & kids surprised me with cake, ice cream & presents after church.
Such fun!!

Then, K-Man and the kids surprised me again yesterday!

I'm so blessed!

Not many picture to show you...because, you know...when it's the photographer's day,
pictures don't get taken for some reason.

But *I* took a pic of the cake K-Man bought at a local Mexican bakery.

Tres Leche cake.
Isn't it lovely?

And thought I'd show you that Isaiah learned how to blow up a balloon.
However, he doesn't know when to stop.
That poor balloon.
Reminds me of my third trimester. 

Anyway, that's all.

Have a great afternoon/evening.
And be sure to have a piece of cake in my honor!



Sean and Lisa said...

Aw, happy, happy birthday!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and are loved abundantly!!

Sean and Lisa said...
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Our Faith Walk said...

Happy Birthday Lori!!!

Rebecca said...

Lol!!! I can relate to the poor blue balloon too! Happy birthday!!! I love tres leches cake. It's been one of "those" days around here today... I think I deserve a cake. I'm going right now to Publix to get me one. C-ya!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Lori!!

Sounds like you had some wonderful celebrations!!

Shonni said...

Happy birthday sweet friend!

Robin said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's an equally wonderful year :).

Rachel said...

AAAhhhhhhhhh! Happy Birthday Priend!! May this next year be full of joy & of longings fulfilled from our Father Who loves you perfectly!! Hugs!

Debby said...

Hope you had a wonderful day!!

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