Sunday, November 11, 2012

daniel study!! [jump on board!]

Okay, so here's my *plan*...

For those of you who are interested in doing the Daniel study, 
let's get started tomorrow (Monday)!

If you've done a Beth Moore study before, you know that you watch the video,
then do five days of homework following the video.
So, if you have access to the videos (remember, you can buy each video session HERE),
you'll want to watch the first one, then do the first week's homework.
But even if you don't watch the videos, you'll definitely need a workbook.
(But REALLY, watch the videos if you can!!)

It will be a rather hefty investment if you buy both the videos and workbook 
(around $75...but not all at once),
but I can guarantee you, you will be richly blessed and will learn a ton!!
And....once you have downloaded the videos, they're yours forever.

Let's meet up here next Monday for a little discussion.
Or if you can't hold your thoughts in that long,
send me an email and maybe we'll do a mini-impromptu discussion before that.

Really, will love this study.

Strap on your thinking caps and get your bibles and highlighters ready.

This is one INTENSE study.

If you have any questions,
please email me!

(Tomorrow is my birthday.)
(I just had to say that.)
(I'm such an attention-grabber that way.)


Patty said...

I love love that study, really want to do it again! But-right now I'm doing "Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl" with my small group and also "The Truth Project" with our class at church! Bad timing for Daniel, I'd be so in over my head but I hope lots will join you! It's so great!! Post all the tidbits you are learning, it will be a great refresher for me while doing these other studies!

Rebecca said...

Can't wait!!!

Desiree' said...

First time I've done one...on my way to borrow the Beth Moore book this morning!!

Learning Together at Home said...

Loved studying Daniel the Beth Moore way. So meaty with things that will stick with me forever. Enjoy!

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