Monday, October 22, 2012

my friday night [single brother in-law]

Last Friday night was Senior Night at our little high school.
How sweet of them to honor me like that!
Go Senior-Citizen-Lori!!

Oh wait.
I'm confused.

the seniors in HIGH SCHOOL and their parents were given the spotlight
before the football game.
It was so fun!

Look at me with my Nicky and K-Man!
Right there in the middle of the field.
See us??

Here we are again.
I am famous now!!!

Here is Nick with his girlfriend, Sarah.
So very cute, they are!!
Even though it makes my soul insanely bitter to think of sharing any 
of my men-children with another gal.
Therapy will help, I'm sure.

Then back on the ranch later that night we ate cake and did some working out.

Brenden was determined to get Isaiah to do a pull-up.
(Brenden's home for fall break!)
And his plan failed.

The lil' dumpling just couldn't pull himself up.
Well, duh.

Then my SINGLE brother-in-law, Kenny took try at it.

He did like 50 of them.
Or somethin'.

AND Kenny also made a down-right sinful chocolate cake.
(He's single, girls!)

Did I mention that he's SINGLE?

My work here is done.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lori,,,,your brother-in-law is so cute. And he cooks!...If I was a younger gal, I'd sure be tempted to
Another good person in your family.
Take care from mm in vancouver,wa.

Debby said...

Would he be willing to relocate to FL????.....=)

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