Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you will not bee-lieve this!

This morning
Brenden opened the door to go out to the garage.
Shut the door quickly and said,
"Mom, you will not believe this...look!"

Lo and behold, there was a SWARM of bees hovering over our recycle bag
of pop cans.

So he decided to gear up and move the bag of cans outside,
in order to draw the bees out of the garage.
Good idea!

Except that he chickened out.
(You can't see the bees in the pic, darn it...but trust me, there were hundreds of them!)

Which meant only one thing.
Wait for K-Man to get home and take care of it.
Or I would have to go out and take care of it.
Okay, that's two things.

Well...you know me,
I decided to handle the whole thing myself.

It's these opportunities I've learned to seize,
for personal growth and for good blog posts.

I grabbed a small laundry net bag thingy
and put it over my head.
Then covered every square inch of the rest of me.

My lovely make-shift bee-keeper costume.

Here I am gathering all the cans that had fallen out of the bag.

Another angle, for your observation.

A close-up, for your entertainment.

And that's that.
Once again, Lori saves the day.


Katy said...

Very clever to use a laundry net bag thingy for face protection! Thanks for putting yourself in danger to entertain us with a blog post. I am very grateful!!!!

Anne said...

Oh too funny, very good make=shift beekeepers outfit!!

quilt'n-mama said...

Too bad you don't have bee hives to move them to, they could have gotten you started in honey production on your homestead!

jennifer said...

That's hilarious. I made my son go out and get a baby copperhead. He put on sweatpants, socks over the legs of the sweatpants, a sweatshirt and a hoodie that he tied tight around his neck. I was laughing so hard at his outfit, but glad he killed it for me.

Karin said...

So impressed!!! :) Go girl!!! You totally trumped the story I was going to write about picking up a snake. ha.

Our Faith Walk said...

You are hilarious!!!

It reminds me of the time (years ago), Beth Moore posted a pic of herself wearing her husband's hunting/camo gear.


Did you fix the problem? Hope so.

Diane said...

You rock! Way to go!

Natalie said...

I do believe this could be a new fashion trend you are starting! Hilarious!!

Joanne Reddell said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! Literally!!! Your "outfit" is hilarious!!! Wow - I really enjoyed my laugh session thanks to your blog post......(I'm still writing even as I type this....)

Jean said...

You are so brave and so funny!!

You go girl!!

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