Wednesday, October 24, 2012

what a day!

Yesterday was one crazy day.
Along with my bee fiasco, here's what else happened:

It was Brenden's final day of his fall break, 
so he helped me home school the little children.

Take a look.

My math-major college son,
helping my rascally kindergartener with...math.
And the look in B's face genuinely speaks volumes.

And then he helped Lucy with a word problem.
It left both of us dumbfounded.
We never did figure it out.
Darn that 2nd grade math!

And then later,
Brenden headed back to school.
Lucy has a hard time with that.
And so do I.

We celebrated Macy's 17th birthday!!!

Wow, what a day!


Karin said...

Wow...Happy Birthday, Macy!!!! How many are you homeschooling this year?

Joanne Reddell said...

Happy Birthday to Macy!! Such a beautiful girl. I hope she had a wonderful day!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Macy!! I can't believe she is 17 yrs old!

I love seeing Brenden helping with homeschool!
(kinda wishing Katie would help more...)

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